Thursday, September 15, 2011

Niu Che Shui Famous Glutinous Rice - The Best Glutinous Rice

I have never savored sweet glutinous rice until I was informed of this very famous stall in Chinatown Complex Food Centre, a place I have been to on many occasions.

In fact, this stall has been in existence for more than 40 years, and the owner himself has been working diligently for this amount of time.

His fare is so delectable that he has a never ending queue, and he only serves glutinous rice and nothing else.

His glutinous rice comes in either sweet or savory, or a combination of both on the same plate. I elected for the last just to taste a bit of everything.

Sweet and Savory Glutinous Rice

What seemed and looked like a simple dish, actually contained a myriad of beautiful flavors. The rice was cooked perfectly, just tender enough and sticky enough without being mushy.

The savory portion came with some delicious fried shallots sprinkled on top, and for the sweet, it was topped off with fried peanut and both gave the dish a wonderful crunch and texture.

I must say, having both on the same plate really balanced the dish nicely. Before tasting it, I was having a bit of a doubt how the two would fit, but having just one bite of each, it seemed to make perfect sense in the end.

The Humble Owner

I was told by my informant, that the owner used to be a very well built and handsome lad in his younger days, but through the years of making this dish in the kitchen, his back has been bent out of shape and he has somewhat of a hunch, which is really a bit sad and touching.

Nevertheless, he was very humble when we were there, always obliging to letting us have a shot, but also a bit shy to say too much and as always, working away at his glutinous rice and serving the eager customers.

When Thye Moh Chan closed its doors last week, I was really sad to see it disappear into the sunset, and seeing how this 40 year old stall continues to put out simple but delicious food, it reminds us that how food that was served so many years ago as common fare, is now regarded as a delicacy.

Niu Che Shui Famous Glutinous Rice
Blk 335 Smith Street
#02-40 Chinatown Complex Food Centre


  1. Very nice pictures. I am getting hungry again after looking at them and I just finished my dinner. Would be trying out the sweet glutinous rice stall soon.

  2. you can try the new stall at the same hawker centre. Unit no is #02-226 (blue zone).

    The portion is very generous with many peanuts and shrimps