Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sirloin Wine - More Music From the Silver Chef, My Second Album On CDBaby and iTunes

It has been a very busy past month or so, both with my food adventures with Chan Wai, scouring all over Singapore to find unique Singaporean dishes, and this, my second album.

As my follow-up to Silverfish, this has been a very exhilarating and satisfying experience and process. If anything, I believe I have pushed the boundaries of recording music on iPad to its limits with this latest collection.

Click here to hear and download the complete album.

Click here also to read my Technorati article that talks about pushing iPad and GarageBand to its limit while producing Sirloin Wine.

Currently, it is already available on and will soon be up on iTunes, Amazon and many other digital music stores all around the world. You can also hear Chocolate Caviar at the end of this post.

This time, I even designed and photographed the album cover myself. Heck, I even cooked the dish too. Some of you might even recognise this from my earlier post.

If you want to preview the music, just click on the audio player on the right bar of this blog.

The technical aspects of writing and creating this album can be found on the Technorati article, but I leave you with my album notes for Sirloin Wine.

Sirloin Wine is my musical sequel to my original food music album, Silverfish. This time round, I have decided to cook up the dream dishes that I have always wanted to taste in another musical and culinary adventure.

With more time to compose and record, I have tried to push the boundaries of performing and recording with regards to using the iPad to its limits, and hopefully, the finished album will reflect a more epic sense of production and showcase a greater use of 'live' guitars and keyboards.

Champagne Risotto was written purely to appease Pauline, my darling wife as she egged me to write a track with Champagne in the title. And thus, this funk driven music has been baked to a tight precision, inspired by my fondness for Prince and James Brown.

Sirloin Wine, the title track, has always been the type of music that I enjoy on a cool, romantic evening. I had wanted to incorporate the use of both electric and acoustic guitars and let the interplay tenderly tickle your romantic senses and soothe your gently souls.

Chocolate Caviar, like Chendol from my previous album, is the one catchy track that I hope, will set you will off on a bright and cheery mood and bopping to its melody and beat. Essentially, this was written off a lovely and simple chord structure that I have always liked.

Cappuccino Truffle was the very first track written, and shows the direction that I wanted to take on Sirloin Wine. More improvised, and a heavy use of guitars, it is also meant to create more a musical soundscape whilst relying less on melody.

Salmon Ceviche is my homage to my musical heroes. These include Clapton, George Michael and Neil Young. I had wanted this to be epic, yet impose it with a bluesy rock guitar and a big helping of feedback. This track is also dedicated to Steve Jobs for gifting us the wonderful Apple tools to create our music.

Mushroom Mocha is my quirky track for this album, and it is just a culmination of percussion, rhythm and the use of loops which I never did utilize on Silverfish. Add in a dose of spooky sci-fi keyboards from the fifties and you have this whimsical piece.

Vanilla Fondant is my third uptempo track on the album and I wanted it to be the ideal music to listen to while cruising on a Singapore highway late at night. Smooth, bassy and melodic, this music is meant to give you a lovely aftertaste while driving home after a fine meal.

And finally, we have Saffron Lobster, my epic finale mixing lovely grand piano chords and a powerful guitar solo to end this gastronomic musical on a high. It also features one of my own favorite melodies and is a sister track to my Ginger piece from Silverfish.

Sirloin Wine was a great pleasure to write and I had a great amount of satisfaction and pleasure making this musical degustation menu for you.

Ian Low
September 2011

Written, arranged, performed, mixed and produced by Ian Low.
All instruments and recording facilities provided by iPad and Apple's GarageBand app.
Album art designed and photographed by Ian Low.

Be sure to check out my new music blog, Sirloin Wine.

Click here to download from iTunes. 

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