Monday, January 26, 2015

Silver Food News - Beauty In A Pot, Sakura International Buffet New Menu, Jade Restaurant's Yu Sheng

There is a growing trend in collagen hotpot recently, and the Paradise Group has joined in by introducing Beauty In A Pot, their first collagen hotpot concept restaurant in OneKM Mall.

There are only a few things I look out for in steamboat. Namely, the broth, the preparation of the ingredients and the service.

Beauty In A Pot (BIAP) seems to have ticked all the right boxes as the restaurant itself is pretty posh for a steamboat eatery.

Decked out in glossy black and looking more refined than most, BIAP seems keen to up the ante where collagen steamboat is concerned.

Collagen Hotpot

You can choose from either a spicy mala broth or the more preferred collagen base. The collagen broth is made up of mostly shark cartilage and this ensures that the soup is not only naturally sweet, but tasty as well.

There are no set buffets here, and you order each plate as you go. Fret not, the prices are pretty decent so you should not really expect to over spend here unless you keep an iteration of wagyu beef orders.

As for the service, it was exemplary during our lunch meal there last week. The server consistently topped up the soup base when it went below a dangerously low level, and was on hand and prompt with any queries that we had. Top marks.

Hokken Mee with Boston Lobster

Sakura International Buffet has also revamped their buffet menu and has relaunched their Yio Chu Kang outlet with a bang. Literally, as there were lion dances and Lou Hei to get things off to an auspicious start.

I am not one for buffets, but for a reasonably budget, Sakura is an ideal place for that old school reunion. Among the highlights is this nice concoction of hokkien mee adorned with Boston lobster.

Nice Sushi

Elsewhere, the sushi selection is better than most hotel buffets with both its quality and its variety. There are also western selections from the Italian and American corner, though they may prove to be somewhat a bit lacklustre.

There is also a pretty decent Hainanese chicken rice section which you might want to check out. The chilli provides a real kick, and the rice fragrant enough to compete with your local neighbourhood stall.

Eight Happiness Yu Sheng

Fulleron's Jade Restaurant is also promoting its lunar new year specials and the highlight is their Eight Happiness Yu Sheng, that comes complete with champagne jelly and peach dressing.

Among the other interesting items in their Lunar New Year menu is an intriguing combination of fish and mutton dumpling, and a yam and nian gao tart.

Beauty In A Pot
11 Tanjong Katong Road

Sakura International Buffet Yio Chu Kang
210 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 9

Jade Restaurant
The Fullerton Hotel

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