Monday, January 19, 2015

Silver Food News - Chabuton's Premium Ramen, Mirchi Revamped Menu and Chicky Fun

Chef Yasuji Morizumi is the first ever ramen chef to be awarded a Michelin star and was crowned the best ramen chef by a TV show in Japan.

So it is a treat for Singaporeans that he is presenting an ramen dish exclusively for us at Chabuton Singapore at 313 Somerset.

It is called the Premium Tonkatsu Ramen, and it is a highly potent blend of tonkatsu and chicken collagen broth.

Using Kurobuta pork, the exquisite marbling of the pig is lined with fine strips of fat that when cooked to its potential, will literally melt in your mouth.

We had a sampling of this ramen last week and came away satisfied. The onsen egg (which used to be a flaw in Chabuton) seem to have been rectified and my sliced egg was appropriately runny and moist inside.

The noodles were just about the right texture and the broth was indeed flavourful and rich. But the star was the perfectly cooked Kurobuta pork slice, which was indeed succulent and tender. A pity it was a rather small piece though.

This dish is only for a limited period though and will only be available from now until the end of March 2015.

Mirchi North Indian 

Mirchi is revamping their menu that has included some of their classic favourites while adding some new interesting items.

One of the latest additions may look like it comes for a Western restaurant, but the Chicken Dhaniya Soup is more than your regular cream of chicken soup you find in Jack's Place. Enhanced by some fresh coriander and green chillies, the extra kick gives this simple dish a certain oomph.

Butter Chicken

Though not new, the butter chicken remains a favourite and was my pick for the night. Succulent pieces of chicken cooked to a tender, juicy delight that goes well with their in-house prepared biryani. The combination of spices, butter, tomato and cream may sound indulgent, but it is worth breaking your diet once in a while for something as tasty as this.

Chicky Fun

Chicky Fun may sound like a new fried chicken concept, but it is actually the rebranding of Sergeant Kiang's chicken rice whom I have written about before. He is still at the the helm at Kopitiam's various chicken rice outlets, and they are using this name to make it a more visible brand.

At the same time, he is also expanding some of his dishes to include a couple of new items like chicken char siew. The reason being that Chicky Fun is also now Halal certified.

The Sergeant's Selections

As for this chicken rice, it remains as good as I remembered it. His smooth, silky, almost jelly like exterior to the steamed chicken is as mesmerising as ever. His potent chilli and ginger condiments and fragrant rice to accompany the beautifully chopped chicken pieces which are flavourful and tender.

It is still my favourite place to go for a good old chicken rice and with the Halal addition, it seems that a new group of fans will soon be exposed to the Sergeant's chicken rice.

Chabuton 313@Somerset
313 Orchard Road

8 Raffles Avenue
#02-23 Esplanade Mall

Chicky Fun
At selected Kopitiam Food Court Oulets

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