Sunday, January 4, 2015

Squash at Clarke Quay Central - Rojak Salads and Cold Pressed Juices

It may look inconspicuous, but Squash, the newly opened juice and salad bar at the basement of Clarke Quay Central aims to not only serve healthy, nutritious food, it is also very tasty too.

Allan, the founder of Squash, is determined to share with the larger public the benefits of eating healthy and the importance of "rebooting" one's body of undesirable stuff.

To this end, he has come up with cold pressed juices which are more healthier than the regular fruit juices you get in food courts.

There is no artificial sugaring in their juices and and their juices retain most of the nutritional benefits even after it has been made into a juice. Also, Squash mixes a number of different other healthy ingredients into the mix for both flavour and extra benefits.

Cold Pressed Juices

They have a wide array of different juices for different purposes, and some are easier to consume than others. My personal fav is the Amazing Trio juice which is made up of apples, carrots and oranges. Simple but naturally sweet and easy to drink.

The Awake bottle is also pretty good, consisting of apples, cinnamon, pineapple and ginger. The ginger just gives it a little bit of kick and has a very good detox effect.

Spicy Thai Prawn Salad

In addition to the juices, Squash has also recently introduced salads as healthy meal options for their customers. And boy, are they good.

Spicy Thai Prawn Salad takes a shot at infusing Thai flavours into a salad and they managed to pull it off magnificently. Generous amounts of ingredients, coupled with beautifully cooked shrimp and a distinctly Thai powered, fish sauce boosted dressing, the combination of flavours, protein and textures were just irresistible.

Chicken Bulgogi Pasta

If you are looking for something with a bit more carbs, then the Chicken Bulgogi Pasta Salad should be right up your alley. And then some.

This Korean inspired dish was delightfully filled with exciting textures from the corn and the fusilli pasta, and the very delectable chicken slices were well coated with a delicious sauce and dressing that just lifted the entire dish to another level. Another winner.

Ultimate Rojak Salad

But the highlight of Squash will be this locally nuanced Ultimate Rojak Salad. Taking the inspiration form one of the popular dishes at the recently concluded Ultimate Hawker Fest, Squash has reimagined this dish minus the unhealthy components aka foie gras, and what you are left with is not only colourful, but incredibly delicious.

The prawn paste is homemade and made from scratch, and thus, it is not as heavily sweetened as most rojak sauces, and it had a very light and pleasant taste. The addition of crispy cuttlefish and tau pok croutons to replace the more greasy and doughy you tiao was an inspired touch.

Taken collectively, it had the familiar trappings of a regular rojak, but it was also more refreshing with its lighter touch and more explosion of textures and crunch underneath. I utterly enjoyed this update of a Singaporean classic.

Squash has just opened for about a month at Clarke Quay and is still finding its feet on what to dish out for its customers. But what is on offer now is definitely a very promising start.

Tasty, healthy salads mixed with nourishing cold pressed juices may not sound like something we normally go for. But trust me, it only took me one visit to be an easy convert.

Squash: Juices, Salads, Wraps
The Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street

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