Monday, April 6, 2015

d'Good Cafe - Simply Charming and Wondrously Cosy

There is so much to adore about d'Good Cafe that I have absolutely no idea where to begin. Perhaps I should start with the fact that it is found in the heart of Holland Village.

It occupies the 2nd and 3rd storeys of a shophouse and their signage is barely visible, save for a glass door with steps leading up to its charming setting.

Stepping into the 2nd floor, it leads two ways. One is into its coffee haven where they not only serve their regular espresso coffees, but they can also indulge you with some amazing pourovers and hand brewed coffee.

The other door leads into a beautiful setting that includes a couple of swing chairs facing the window. The seating is not much, but there is a comfortable space within and it has a cosy, homely feel about it.

The 3rd floor has more seating area, and an outdoor area which events can be hosted. All in all, it is just so soothing wherever you may roam in the cafe.

v60 Pour Over Coffee

Not only are their regular espressos really good as they have a wide variety of blends from various sources, their hand brews are even better. They even have an option for you to customise your own blends and save that information for future visits.

Their barista is not only well versed in her craft, she displayed an enormous amount of enthusiasm that will placate even the most hard to please coffee drinkers. Her v60 pourover for me using my own customised blend was just beautiful. Using a mix of Brazilian and Ethiopia beans, it had a lovely floral finish with just enough nuttiness and body to ground the floral notes into a disciplined submission.

Spaghetti Vongole

Foodwise, it is quite standard cafe fare and the selections are what you would expect from most cafes. But the key here is their execution. Take for example, their spaghetti vongole.

It looked quite standard, but once you start to toss the pasta, you realise that the strands were beautifully cooked with sufficient reduction to render each strand of the spaghetti to be well coated with the wine and clam sauce, and relaxed enough to easily twirl within your fork. Delicious and faultless execution.

Portobello Eggs Benedict

Instead of muffins, they replaced the standard eggs benedict with well baked portobello mushrooms to give it a more earthy punch and it actually works very well. Simply garnished with a few cherry tomatoes and greens, it gives a fresh take on the tried and tested eggs ben combo. Lovely.

Lemongrass Chicken

I simply enjoyed their simple looking lemongrass chicken. The taste was more reminiscent of a pandan wrapped chicken, and the refreshing infusion of lemongrass just gave it so much lift it could have almost been airborne by the time it reached my eager mouth.

The hand crushed mash potatoes were also delicious. Retaining slight chunks of potato bits, it had enough texture to remind you of the best homemade mash. Full of flavour and enough buttery goodness to allow me to give it both thumbs up.

Oreo Cheesecake

As for their desserts, they bake all their sweet goodies in-house. Their waffles were pretty decent but what took my breath away were their cheesecakes.

The maple syrup cheesecake (which is not pictured here) was mind blowing. Equally excellent was their Oreo variant which was so beautifully presented. Their cheesecakes had the right combination of texture and flavour and the balance of the sweet and savoury was perfect.

d'Good is perfect for all occasions if you ask me. Fancy a romantic date, it simply cannot get any simpler or cosier. For a family outing, there is sufficient seating for one and all and the place has this European cottage feel that it almost seems like dining in a classic fairy tale.

And like all good fairy tales, you will always have a very happy ending here.

d'Good Cafe
273 Holland Avenue

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