Monday, April 27, 2015

Silver Food News - Momiji Japanese Buffet, FYR, Miam Miam High Tea Buffet

Buffet is usually not my thing, but I must admit that Momiji Japanese Buffet at Revenue House in the Novena Area has caught my eye, and my tastebuds.

Maybe it is because it is a strictly Japanese themed buffet as that cuta out some of the superfluous buffet items like pasta and local selections, and that focus has streamlined the food to purely Japanese favourites.

And their pricing does not hurt either, as for almost half of what you would pay in a regular hotel buffet, you certainly do get a full selection of buffet items that will leave your tummy more than satisfied.

The place itself is a typical Japanese setting with more than ample seating. Fresh sashimi items, sushi, Teppanyaki and Yakitori, and hotpots are all available. And for my money, most of the items are better than average than say, Hoshigaoka and that is saying a lot.

Mentai Scallops

My personal pick is the Mentai Scallops which are really yummy and addictive. The fresh crabs and prawns are equally popular and the scallop chawanmushi too. I enjoyed the yakitori items as well and the sushi selections are certainly better than most buffet joints.

Baked Half Bone Marrow

FYR at Telok Ayer Street is a new joint and is focused on delivering mostly grilled and roasted items using their Josper Oven. My favourite of the night was the baked half bone marrow.

Roast Chicken, Sirloin Steak and Shrimp

The other worthwhile item is the value for money, surf and turf combination of roasted chicken, shrimp and sirloin steak platter. The chicken in particular, was nicely done - well seasoned and flavourful.

Miam Miam Tea Set

Miam Miam outlets have also launched a new high tea time set this month. Featuring a deluge of bite sized  items, ranging from mini croissants mini cheesecakes, this will be ideal for ladies seeking some culinary respite after an afternoon of shopping.

Yuzu Pancake

In addition, they have also introduced a series of new thick pancakes to augment their current dessert menu. Unfortunately, the pancakes were a bit too thick and too much for me. If they revert to a more conventional looking pancake, that would be much better as it is rather hard to finish one of these rascals, even for two diners.

Momiji Japanese Buffet
Revenue House
55 Newton Road

19 Boon Tat Street

Miam Miam
High Tea sets are available now at all Miam Miam outlets islandwide

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