Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Flock Cafe at Ghim Moh - Another Gem of a Cafe

The original Flock Cafe at Tiong Bahru has been around for awhile, but just a few months ago, they have opened up a new outlet in the heartland area of Ghim Moh.

I have never been to the original cafe, but judging from their latest establishment, there might be plenty of reasons now to check out the first one as well.

It occupies a typical shophouse area and is decked out in washes of white that instantly reminds you of Boufe and Pacamara.

It has a rather spacious feel and it is suitably comfortable and cosy, perfect for a relaxing time. Paired with some above average cafe fare, this is definitely one of the better new cafes that have sprouted out in recent times.

Cheeky Eggs

A different take of your standard eggs benedict, Cheeky Eggs incorporates braised pork cheeks into the mix that proved to be extremely satisfying and hearty. The pork cheeks were appropriately tender and flavourful, and there was more than a generous amount of oriental spices and seasoning to make it an almost fusion dish. The well chosen brioche was just the savouring icing on the proverbial cake.

Spicy Katsu Chicken Burger

This burger plate will likely please the younger audiences with its crispy chicken cutlet boasting of a rather moist interior. Despite the spicy monicker, it still needed an additional bout of seasoning to give it an extra kick, but the well chosen buns (procured via B.O.A.) were an inspired selection that made this burger stood out among the run of the mill ones.

Pork Cheek Rigatoni

The same tasty pork cheeks were used to toss with some rigatoni pasta and the resulting dish was an equally delectable one. Cafe pastas should always be this good to say the least, and here it was beyond good. A hearty staple that I can come back for on a regular basis.

Sautéed Prawn and Dried Shrimp Linguine

Otherwise known as the Hae Bee Hiam Pasta dish, this fusion pasta plate had the right idea. Unfortunately, it was just a tad salty on our visit. Otherwise, I quite enjoyed the local touch and that sweetness of dried shrimp that acts as an alternative to the usual Japanese ebi shrimp concoctions that are becoming commonplace in cafes. I have been reliably informed that since our visit, the kitchen has toned down the salt quotients too.


As for coffee drinkers, Flock uses Liberty blend/beans and this should prove to be a very friendly blend for most coffee goers. For those craving for a stronger brew, you might need to look elsewhere though, but a nicely balanced latte with a tinge of body and nuttiness is guaranteed to please most.

All in all, this is a great place to chill and hang out. The spacious area means that you will never feel boxed in and your conversations can be carried out comfortably and the pairing of some great cafe food will go a long way in ensuring your return visits.

Flock Cafe Ghim Moh
21 Ghim Moh Road

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