Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chef Andrew Turner at Osia Restaurant - A Special Treat

Andrew Turner is a well known name in the London culinary scene, and has appeared on television numerous times to talk about his food and cooking.

So it was an utter privilege to have Chef Andrew come to Singapore as part of Osia's Cooking With Friends initiative. He will be cooking with Osia's team of chefs from March 13th to 16th.

Chef Andrew is well versed in the classics and is known for presenting his traditional French inspired fare in a modern way that is still both beautiful and punctuated with clean and subtle flavours.

I was on hand to sample the lunch set, which comes in either a 3 or 4 course option. Either way, I am sure you will not leave the restaurant disappointed. Quite the opposite, you will likely have a most enjoyable dining experience.

Pea and Mint Veloute

Starting off with a light and refreshing pea and mint veloute, this dish is representative of Chef Andrew's adherence to tradition. The classic pea soup has replaced bacon with a anchovy biscuit flute to give it the savoury flourish to complement the smooth and creamy pea veloute.

I liked the restraint he has with his seasoning, and the subtle mint flavour that was not too overpowering, but just enough of that herbal tone to perfume the soup with a clean and elegant note.

Hiramasa Kingfish Cerviche

This is just such a beautiful dish, both in presentation and in flavours. The kingfish beautifully seasoned and sliced, and the addition of miso sweet potatoes and hazelnuts giving the dish so much playful textures and crunch.

What I craved for was just a touch more citrusy acidity just to make it even more refreshing but otherwise, this is an absolute stunner of an appetiser.

Seared Sea Bass Fillet

This is as classic as fish courses come. Executed to perfection when it comes to the searing of the fillet, the crispy skin and the flaky flesh are signs of a master chef at work. The choice of using two different asparagus was almost lost on me, but that classic combination of fish and asparagus works just right.

The sauce was a creamy, hollandaise like drizzle which I could have wanted a bit more of. The plate is also an embodiment of Chef Andrew's philosophy of not overcrowding a dish with too many ingredients. Just three or four components, but each one was nailed to perfection.

Australian Lamb Rump

The lamb dish was even more impressive, and visually, it looked just incredible. The lamb was cooked to a pink medium perfection that was baby tender and moist. The perfectly salted crust showed the same restraint when it comes to Chef Andrew's seasoning skills and made me wish that all Singaporean chefs can cook meat this well.

The mash was Michelin mash calibre, which meant that it was creamy smooth and had a hint of creme fraiche. The addition of Hoshimeiji and oyster mushrooms with a couple lardons was just the proverbial icing on the cake. Except that this was a superbly executed meat course that will linger on for some time.

Vanilla Creme Brulee

The dessert course, or as Brits would like to call it, the pudding was just as smashing as the first two dishes. A well made vanilla creme brûlée with an almost glass like caramel on top, paired with a delicious sorbet and poached pear was just the perfect and elegant way to end the meal.

No fancy sugar works here, just classic techniques executed wonderfully to bring out the best in every component on the dessert plate. Lovely.

Having savoured his menu for the first time, I must confess I am now a newly converted fan of Chef Andrew Turner. And you have only a few days to enjoy his cooking as well. You will be kicking yourself silly if you miss this amazing opportunity to try the food of one of London's best chefs this week.

It is, indeed, a special treat.

Osis Bar and Restaurant
Resorts World Sentosa
(If you taking the monorail, alight at Waterfront, get out of the station and turn left and walk until you see the restaurant)

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