Monday, May 18, 2015

Chir Chir at 313 Somerset - Something Korean, Something Fried, Everything Good

Without question, some things are hard to pronounce, but however you say it, Chir Chir at 313 Somerset has definitely been a success.

The nightly long queues are a testament that there is something buzzing about this place, and amidst the influx of Korean fried chicken wing establishments, Chir Chir truly stands out.

The Singaporean owners were in Korea when they chanced upon this eatery, and upon having it once, were determined to bring this franchise back home.

And thankful we are for their efforts, for it is definitely a very appealing place to go for youngsters. Though it is not fast food priced, the quality of the food more than makes up for that. And then some.

Honey Grape Salad

Before moving on to the main event, the appetisers are quite inventive on their own. I particularly enjoyed this fruity mix of grapes, walnuts, tortilla and house-made ricotta cheese. It was refreshing and savoury, and the lovely crunch of the grapes made this a wonderful starter.

Spicy Chicken

Their chicken are touted to be fresh as opposed to the frozen kind, and that probably contributed to a better interior chicken flavour. The Spicy Chicken plate has that familiar Korean touch of sweet, spicy and tangy all in one go, and nicely garnished with sweet potato cubes and fried Korean rice cakes. Great for those who love a spicy kick to their wings.

Garlicky Chicken

The favourite of the night was this Garlicky Chicken plate and as the name implies, there were dollops of fried and minced garlic on top of the crispy and well executed batter. The house-made soy sauce was the perfect condiment to this dish, with just enough moisture and sauce to make it utterly lip-smacking. Smack me a few more times then.

Nest Snow

The Nest Snow will prove to be a divisive dish as there are those who absolutely love it, and those who don't. The naysayers may point to the sweet potato puree and cream base as their peeve, but frankly, this is supposed to be an indulgent dish.

And yes, there is more whipped cream and Parmesan, Mozzarella, and cheddar cheeses to fill up the calorie quotient to a dangerous level. The Cajun spices from the chicken will help cut through all that creamy sauce, and in the end, you might just be a convert. I was.

Spicy BBQ Chicken

The Spicy BBQ Chicken turned out to the spiciest of the lot, and a fire extinguisher is probably mandatory during the consumption of this dish. Spice lovers will undoubtedly take this without blinking an eyelid, but mine were full of tears. Tears of joy, that is. Despite the extreme heat levels, the barbecued chicken pieces were actually quite delectable and addictive.

Chir Chir is buzzing like a hardworking bumble bee now and if you are still wondering if it lives up the hype? Yes, it does.

Chir Chir
313 Somerset

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