Monday, May 4, 2015

Ippudo Ramen Shaw Centre - Comforting Japanese Treats

Ippudo Ramen has opened a new outlet at Shaw Centre and being my first time there, I was not sure what to expect.

The good news is that I walked out a rather happy diner. While the main draw is their ramen selections, Ippudo also has a few other tricks up its culinary sleeves.

They actually have an interesting array of pocket sized dishes at $6 each that will both delight and surprise you.

I will not be surprised if many diners will come here just to order a tapas like selection of these dishes to share among a group of friends.


One of my picks among these appetiser nuggets is this really delicious croquette. The batter was nicely done with a crumbly and crispy exterior, and that smooth, creamy potato filling within to contrast the crunch. Simple, yummy and addictive to say the least.

Beef Tataki

The barely seared beef tataki with its generous and rich marbling had won me over purely on its presentation. Do note that some other outlets do have a slightly different presentation, but the dish we had on the night was really magnificent. Dressed in a slightly acidic and savoury sauce, the beef pieces were succulent to the max and retained a rich, flavourful bite.

Shiromaru Motoaiji Ramen

As for their ramen selections, I enjoyed this light yet slightly creamy tonkotsu broth that had just enough body and flavours to work the noodles in. The noodles were a particular highlight as they were neither too soggy or nor too chewy. Each strand had a nice, firm bite that soaked out the tasty broth marvellously.

Akamaru Shin-Aji Ramen

Faring even better was this full bodied tokotsu ramen that was flavoured with miso paste and garlic oil. That extra use of oils and paste elevated the already tasty broth to another level. I enjoyed the cha siu too, which was appropriately tender and had just enough of the fattiness to give that familiar burst of pork flavour.

All in all, and considering the location, Ippudo has a very reasonably priced menu at a very decent quality for ramen lovers. Coupled with some excellent range of appetisers, it should prove to be a good haunting ground for lunch crowds and a perfect family/friends gathering joint.

Ippudo Ramen Shaw Centre
1 Scotts Road

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