Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Maguro Donya Miuramisakikou Sushi House at Eat At 7 - Otoro, Blue Fine Tuna at its Finest

Maguro or Otoro lovers, there is much to rejoice. At Suntec City, there is a bold and new venture formed by a tripartite of ANA Trading, Komars Group and veteran F&B expert Mr Andrew Tan.

It is a collection of 7 Japanese inspired and influenced eateries at Suntec's newest Sky Garden.

The first outlet that will greet you as you enter from the main mall is the rather longish named Maguro Donya Miuramisakikou Sushi House. Yup, try saying that 10 times in a row.

Whatever or however you want to call this eatery, it is the place to go for the best blue fin tuna outside of Japan. The reason is this particular establishment in Tokyo will usually take you up to an hour to queue just to get a seating.

It is also one of the most renowned tuna sashimi houses in Japan. One of the reasons why this sashimi eatery is so sought after is that the principal owns its own fishing trawlers and hence, they get the freshest catch off the ocean.

And for the Singapore branch, ANA (which also owns the airline company) will fly them directly to Singapore immediately after the tuna is caught in Japan. This ensures a similar quality to what you will get in Japan. Good to have an airline company be the partner in your sashimi restaurant, eh?

Blue Fin Tuna Sushi

For their sushi, they use the best Hokkaido rice and anyone who loves Japanese rice knows how good these grains are. Just lightly perfumed with vinegar, these beautifully polished grains of rice can be eaten purely on its own without any additional sauces.

Needless to say, coupled with the 3 cuts of tuna here, they can be a gastronomic luxury and an utter light to gobble down. The fatty Otoro cut is the most priced, but the Chutoro and the Akami cuts proved to be equally sweet and wonderfully textured too. Just the freshness of the fish cannot be beat.

Maguro Kama - Grilled Tuna Cheeks

And then, there was this incredibly tasting dish of Maguro cheeks. It did not look like much when it was served, but the first bite had us all enraptured with both the perfectly smoked flavours of the tuna compounded by the tender texture of the fish meat.

Lightly seasoned with some soy, the delicate flavours of the fish were nicely brought out by the savoury sauce to elicit a superbly balanced contour of flavours. Just a hint of lemon acid was all it needed to lift this amazing dish to another level of citrusy and refreshing euphoria.

Maguro Sashimi

Then, there is the sashimi cuts of the blue fin tuna. Seriously, you should just eat this the authentic Japanese way. Just take a slight dob of wasabi and garnish it on top of your fish. Use your chopsticks to dab a few drops of good quality soy sauce on top of the wasabi and that is it.

Do not dip the whole sashimi piece into the soy sauce saucer. The fish is so naturally sweet that you should savour the flavour of the ocean without much hinderance or distraction. The Akami and Chutoro cuts were already sublime on their own.

The Otoro cut was something else. The last time I had such a beautiful piece of Otoro was in Tokyo itself, and this piece reminded me of how good Otoro can be. It literally melted in my mouth. Eating Otoro here is the epitome of freshness.

Maguro Lunch Set

If you just want to sample a quick taste, the lunch set is a viable option as well and it is currently on offer at almost half its usual price. You get the Akami sashimi, the grilled cheek and a Chutoro steak as part of the meal. It is a good way to get introduced to the blue fin tuna cuisine.

As for the prices, it is easily the most affordable blue fin tuna you can find here. And considering that it is specially air flown from Japan with the freshest catch, the value cannot be doubted.

The restaurant has just opened and there are also live demonstrations of the blue fin tuna cutting on selected days. It is a fun and theatrical way to enjoy your tuna and highly entertaining on its own.

Maguro lovers, what are you waiting for?

Maguro Donya Miruamisakikou Sushi House
Eat at 7
3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City North Wing

Video shot and edited entirely on the iPhone 6.
All music, direction, editing and videography by Ian Low.

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