Thursday, July 2, 2015

Silver Food News - Singapore Restaurant Month, Harry's Bar New Bar Bites and Brotzeit

Singapore Restaurant Month is here for the first time and it is an event that will excite one and all in Singapore, especially those who have a great enthusiasm for good food and classic traditions.

Beginning 1 July until 10 August 2015, Restaurant Association of Singapore, in conjunction with AVA, STB and Union Pay are bringing together 50 top restaurants in Singapore to celebrate this year's SG50 theme as well as supporting local produce.

Among the chosen 50, 12 will be designated heritage restaurants. These are establishments that have been around for decades and among them, you may recognise names like Prima Tower, Red Star and Fatty Weng.

All the restaurants will also feature a special dish on their menu during this period. The dish will have a local twist and will highlight the use of local produce.

Laksa Risotto

Portico, for example, will have an interesting Laksa Risotto that fuses Singaporean flavours with an Italian influence. Coconut foam and a housemade fish cake using local sea bass will showcase how local classics can be updated for a modern palate.

Many of these dishes have been conceptualised with great care and detail as this event will also be held in honour of out nation's jubilee year. As such, everyone involved is determined to put on a good show of culinary and gastronomic excellence that accentuates our local flavours and food to its fullest.

Crabmeat Spaghettini

Harry's Bar and its many outlets have been a longstanding institution for watering holes seekers here. We often associate simple bar food with that brand, but recently Harry's has launched a new menu with a whole slew of savoury items to change a little of that mindset.

My personal pick is this rather tasty and tangy plate of Crabmeat Spaghettini that proved to be an addictive little number. Nicely cooked pasta with a natural sweetness from the crabmeat with a sauce that tasted fresher than most cafe pasta. Neatly presented, it should prove to be a hearty dish to go with the splendid alcohol there.

Crab and Potato Cakes

For something lighter, you might want to opt for an appetising tray of Crab and Potato Cakes. Using blue swimmer crab, there was a nice ocean sweetness that was perfectly countered by the more heavy starchiness of the crushed potatoes within. A rather simple but effective plate of food that will work with a pint of beer nearby.

In addition, there are also some other exotic selections like Chicken Masala with Charcoal Toast, Fish Cracklings and their Signature Wings which has always proven to be a hit. With all these additions, Harry's is now an ideal place for both a drink and a meal.

German Pork Knuckles

Brotzeit is another favourite among night revellers for their beers and German fare. Recently, they have also done a little bit of a facelift and introduced new menu offerings to bolster their savoury selections.

The German Pork Knuckles are mandatory if you come here. Very nicely done, with crisp exteriors and even a moist meat texture within, meat lovers will rejoice over this. Paired with a craft beer, this is bar food at its best. As an aside, their housemade sausages are excellent as well. Well seasoned and offering a wide variety of choices, the spicy lamb variant was my pick of the night.

Pan Seared Sea Bass

Brotzeit's head chef has also elected to include more seafood options in their menu and the Pan Seared Sea Bass will prove to be a popular choice among the ladies who prefer to have a less meaty experience here.

There are also some hearty and generous salad options here for those who just want to go on a healthier route. All in all, there is something to cater to everyone now and with a good selection of beer and other spirits, this is another ideal destination for night goers looking for both a good time and good food.

Singapore Restaurant Month
Click here for more information and the list of participating 50 restaurants.

Harry's Bar
The new menu is available at all outlets

1 Harbourfront Walk

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