Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pince and Pints - Lobster Nirvana

Lobsters! Lobsters! Lobsters! Yeah, we all love them. Thing is, it is hard to get fresh ones here. The ones that we consume tend to be frozen and air flown from thousands of miles away.

Pince and Pints aims to be different by actually keeping fresh lobsters in their tanks on their premises. They even go to the trouble of replicating the same ocean environment to ensure that the crustaceans are kept happy.

Just last week, P and P has turned one year old and business is still going strong at their Duxton outlet.

There are only 4 items on the menu and keeping it simple means they prefer to focus on the food and the freshness of produce. And of course, the lobsters. Having such fresh lobsters can only mean you get the best lobsters in town.

Lobster Roll

Best lobster roll around? Yes, but for a price. Each of their 4 items cost $58, which sounds a lot. But you are paying for genuine quality. The butter infused rolls are specially procured from a local traditional bakery and it was fabulous. Crisp, but not too buttery like a brioche, it was able to hold all the ingredients nicely together. No soggy bread here.

The lobster chunks are huge and succulent. Full of ocean sweetness, you will never complain about bland tasting crustacean meat here. Coupled with a generous amount of watermelon salad and a superb and addictive garlic aioli dip, this is as good as it gets when it comes to lobster rolls in Singapore. The thick cut fries were great too, and not a sign of truffle oil to be found. Thank goodness.

Grilled Lobster

You can either have this grilled or steamed. We chose the grilled version for that extra smoky flavour and you should too. The lobster was perfectly grilled and not a hint of overcooking to be found anywhere. The meat still perfectly moist and possessing a beautiful bite and flavour.

The same watermelon salad and thick cut fries were present as garnishes and worked equally well. Visually, it looked stunning with all the scarlet colours permeating the table. The butter aioli was less spectacular than its garlic counterpart, but still good enough as a dip for the lobster meat. As blissful as crustacean dishes come.

Chilli Lobster

This is P and P's take on our national dish, which I never really fancied that much anyway. Similarly, this was the weakest of the items on the menu as the chilli sauce tasted quite generic and the man tou tasted very similar to most other restaurants. It was still palatable, and for chilli crab lovers, this will be still a joyous dish.

And yes, the same beautiful lobster meat was present despite the chilli sauce coating and the sweetness of the lobsters still stood out very well. I suspect this is to cater to an older crowd who prefer a more "local" twist to lobsters and should work well for this group of diners.

For lobster and lobster roll fans, Pince and Pints is probably the best place to go to now. Yes, the prices are steep but at least, you know you are getting your money's worth. The service is super friendly and accommodating and you will have a great time here.

Only four items on the menu. Actually, more eateries should learn to cut down on their menu like Pince and Pints. Simplicity works.

Pince and Pints
32 Duxton Road

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  1. There can't be enough lobster meals in the world. Haha! Lobsters are a blast! They are an indulgence beyond compare because they always appear in the form of large servings. The fact that there are lots of lobster dishes is truly a tribute to our appetites. Bon apetit, Ian!

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks