Monday, August 31, 2015

Lighthouse Bistro and Bar - An Affordable Yet Classy Dining Option

Lighthouse Bistro and Bar has been around for awhile, but recently it just had a facelift and also a menu refresh.

The new look bodes well for romantic diners seeking a quiet and classy night out. In the day, it is equally suitable for executives seeking an affordable yet delicious meal.

Though the seating area is limited, the high ceiling affords it a more luxurious and spacious setting that makes you feel both comfortable and a sense of fine casual tone.

As for the food, it is mostly modern classics that are at once familiar and embellished with some simple twists here and there. Whilst not pretentious, the food is presented with a certain sense of style and modern sensibilities apply.

Salmon Milk Bath

This deceptively looking bowl of soup may seem rich, but one spoonful is all it needs to expunge that creamy thought away. Infused with Asian underpinnings, the broth is only slightly thickened with cream and enlivened with the natural sweetness of salmon and some kick of the chilli. Comforting to the say the least.

Fishermen's Board

This platter of seafood has to be the best value for money seafood plate in town. A generous serving of mussels, prawns, calamari and beautifully deep fried dory is enough for two. All for under twenty buckeroos, and you wonder how it is possible to make a profit from this sumptuous platter.

Tiger Fish and Chips

I guess the Tiger in the dish name gives it away, and contrary to my fear of a lacklustre and bitter taste, the crispy Tiger beer powered batter was actually pretty smashing on its own. The pacific dory shines as always where deep fried fish is concerned, and the side of seaweed fries may seem somewhat gimmicky, but it does the role of being the fish sidekick just fine.

Rangers Valley Black Onyx Angus

Despite the name of this dish being a mouthful, the beef is excellent. Well seasoned as all good steaks should be, nicely charred with enough colour to elicit the beautiful flavours of the beef into my mouth and a perfect faux potato risotto to go along. Simple but well executed. Enough said.

Chocolate Caramel Cake

The surprise of the evening (for me, at least) was that the dessert lived up to the savouries in every way. Especially this gorgeously plated dish of chocolate caramel cake that is utterly divine. A beautifully crafted mousse that is perfect in every sense, and delicious caramel with just enough of a bittersweet tinge to accompany the mousse.

The plates that came from the kitchen all looked like they were handled and prepared with a certain precision and care, and whilst they are not the most fine dining nor most creative, what they do serve out is still pretty on the money.

Good food, cooking with care and passion, and easy on the wallet prices. Yes, this is one lighthouse that has shown us the light in the best possible sense. I doubt that ships will get lost at sea here.

Lighthouse Bistro and Bar
75 Jellicoe Road
Next to Lavender MRT and V Hotel

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