Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sumiya Seafood Grill Sake at Suntec - A Fine Place for Refreshing Japanese Fare

Suntec is fast becoming a hive for the finest Japanese eateries in town, and Sumiya is no exception.

Opening its latest branch at the 3rd floor near Tower 2, it is a fine Japanese establishment with some specific highlights.

Probably the first thing to catch the eye is the first ever sake dispenser in Singapore that is plonked right in the center of the restaurant.

Looking like some form of high tech gadgetry right out of the latest Bond movie, it houses a variety of different sakes to cater to the most avid of sake fans.

Sake Dispenser

It is also a pay-as-you-drink concept whereby you utilise a post-paid card to pay for a range of different volumes of sake. In this way, you can elect to just sample a wider range of beverages, or just go all in for your favourite choice of sake.

Maguro Steak

Whilst we were there, we were given to sample the Maguro steak in its full form. It looked rather out of the ordinary but what is interesting is that you can cut up the maguro bluefin tuna in whatever manner you wish, and it is especially useful for sharing portions.

The maguro itself was excellent, though not quite on par as the one from Eat at 7's Maguro speciality shop. Fresh, succulent and perfect to accompany the sake with.

Special Charcoal Grilled Fish

What is also notable is this one of its kind in Singapore Japanese charcoal grilled fish. A specific machine that drys the fish with heat rays to bring out the flavours of the fish at a more intense level is the main draw here.

As for the eventual taste, it does possess a rather unique smoky flavour but as the fish was rather thin, it also has a more dry texture that some may not take to. Nevertheless, it is a rather unique and different way to savour grill fish and it can be a refreshing experience for most diners.

Ryoshi Mushi

Another eye catching item is this Japanese hotpot served in a militant looking aluminium square can. The soups that are on offer include clear broth, tom yam and soy based variants. All are perfect for a rainy night and the seafood is expectedly fresh and naturally sweet.

Sumiya Tropical Dessert

The desserts are the surprisingly highlight of this new Sumiya outlet and this exquisitely looking Sumiya Tropical Dessert tops it all with its limited per day servings. The ice sculpted bowl is hand crafted by the head chef every day and only 15 of these are available per day due to the labour intensive effort required to make these.

Elsewhere, the pumpkin manju (not pictured here) scores highly with it crusty exterior, fluffy pumpkin inner texture that will prove highly addictive.

All in all, Sumiya at Suntec is a fine place to dine in if you are looking for something out of the Japanese ordinary, and with its refreshing take on some of the usual fare, you will find something here to suit your taste.

Sumiya Seafood Grill Sake
3 Temasek Boulevard

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