Sunday, September 27, 2015

District 10 Bar and Grill at Suntec City - Great Steaks

Everyone loves a good steak. Well, almost everyone. Thing is, beef is not cheap in Singapore, and there are some pretty overrated steak houses in town.

I always like to cook my own steak at home, and it's easier to control how my beef comes out. Still, for a lot of other folks, it is not easy to come by a good steakhouse when you want to dine outside.

District 10's new outlet at Suntec City may just be the answer. There is both alfresco and indoor seating areas, and while the place may not be extensive, the setting is homely and comfortable.

What is even more fun is the mad head chef that will prove as entertaining as the Esplanade shows nearby. His easy charm and madhouse antics may take a little getting used to at first, but once you settle down to the food here, it is priceless.

Dry Aged Beef

All their beef here have been aged in controlled conditions for 45 days. This will allow the fibres with in the meat to have broken down. In turn, it will make for a more juicy and tender texture as well as eliciting better and stronger flavours.

Grilled Over Japanese Charcoal

The steaks when ordered will be grilled over a Japanese charcoal fire. It is a necessary expense for the owners to give their meat a special smoky aroma not found elsewhere. It also ensures you will get to smell the wonderful caramelisation of the beef even as you sit at your table, waiting for your prized meat.

The beef is cut in thick chunks, and here they insist on medium rare as the preferred doneness. Which is how I like it. True enough, the meat is superbly flavours and moist and there is nothing more than just a salt and pepper seasoning to help break down the meat and bring out the flavours.

Burratina and Organic Cherry Tomatoes

You can elect a number of appetisers and sides to go with the beef and they are all Italian classics. The burratina will be a hit for many with its rich and creamy internals, and the naturally sweet tomatoes to help cut through the cream. Simple, but then again, extremely effective.

Italian Cold Cuts

The cold cuts do not disappoint either. Most are choice meats from a reputable supplier and will more than do the job well.

Vitello Tonnato

What I liked even better is this plate of roasted veal loin drizzled with a special tuna sauce. Flavoursome and rich, it is good enough as a meal on its own.

Double Espresso Panna Cotta

Lest you think this is just a joint for savouries, their Double Espresso Panna Cotta charmed me to no end. The coffee infused cream executed to a perfect wobble, and the bitter smoky tones of the espresso makes the perfect balance to the sweet creamy texture of the panna cotta.

Pricewise, it is more than comparable to the more notable steakhouses in Singapore. In fact, it is probably more affordable when you consider the value you are getting here.

Steak fans, you have something and somewhere else to consider now.

District 10 Bar and Grill
3 Temasek Boulevard

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