Monday, November 30, 2015

The Fabulous Feast at Oxwell and Co - Christmas Feasting for One and All

Christmas diners this year are likely to be more discerning than ever, and picking the perfect venue for the festive dinner may involve more than just looking at which hotel buffet spread.

Heck, I doubt many will want to engage in the same boring buffet queues this time round, and for those who want a more rustic and authentic Xmas experience, Oxwell and Co looks to be the ideal choice.

Housed in a a multi storey shophouse along Ann Siang Road, it my look eons away from the luxurious space of a hotel cafe.

But it is this simplicity and almost home like atmosphere that will charm you. The second storey, which has a long dining table that could have come from a Victorian English house, will set you at ease and transport you to a Christmas in the 19th century.

Foodwise, it is full of good old fashion cooking and enormous sharing portions that will really set the Xmas tone. This year, the Fabulous Feast menu is designed to put almost all other hotels' Xmas offerings to shame.

Roasted Beetroot, Broccolini and Stilton

As classic as it is modern, this colourful plate of vegetables will get the feast off on the ideal start. Wonderful aromats to power the greens and each of the veggies nicely executed with its full on flavours. Just a touch of lemon to lift the flavours even higher and walnuts to supply some crunch to the occasion.

Salmon Gravlax

One of the better Salmon Gravlax that I have had the pleasure to come across, a taste of the Nordic gives everything on the plate so much depth. Creme fraiche for a bit of richness, while the intoxicating perfume of dill cuts through the both the cream and the protein. Again, a dish that could have been from the last millennium looks and tastes equally at home today.

Oven Roasted Irish Salmon

It looks simple enough, but just a longer glance at the crisp skin suggests a very careful handling of the fish. Perfect crust with nary a tear on the skin indicates a perfect roast and sear.

The decidedly flaky meat within is only fortified further with the evidence of a slight pink and moisty interior, and tender juicy bites are assured. The sweet potato leaves points to a slight local infusion, while the light and well executed Hollandaise sauce provides the mandatory saucy moisture to the plate.

Crispy Rolled Kurobuta Pork Belly

The most visually arresting dish of the night, it looks as if it jumped out from a gaslit Victorian nobleman's Christmas table. The use of the highly prized pig will ensure a cleaner and sweeter level of flavour, while the thin crackling along each slice of pork belly will indulge you in a little mischief in your mouth.

The chestnut stuffing seals the deal with its festive undertones and the pork jus is just so, so right. Lovely hit of savouriness and flavour to make this the perfect festive dish.

Roasted Challand Duck

The duck dish may lack the gorgeous look of the pig, but it is ultimately the best dish of the night. Roasted until an almost charcoal black exterior, the beauty is in the choice of fowl.

That incredible, fatty and juicy bite which guarantees an explosion of lard TNT within each mouthful will send you to duck fat nirvana. And to remind you of how good fat can taste, the duck fat bread sauce will just send you over the edge to the point that the accompanying beetroot slaw is just window dressing on the side.

Orange and Ginger Cake

Desserts look equally at home in the last century with its more rustic presentation. My pick is the Orange and Ginger cake, which brings a certain lightness to end the rather weighty feast.

Hints of zest and ginger aeration helps to ease the day whilst the the chocolate ice cream brings a comforting and soothing sweet end to the delectable feast.

This menu is already ongoing and will last until the end of the festive period. It is perfect for diners up to 40 pax, and you can book out the entire dining room on the second level. With its old school British charm, it may just be your perfect Christmas venue.

The food is as far away from generic hotel buffets you can get this Christmas, and the rustic cooking mixed with a touch of modern techniques and local flavours will certainly make for a pleasant and refreshing change from the often cold and leftover meats on buffet spreads.

The chef here is also highly passionate about his food, and knows his stuff well. That, plus the setting, will make this Christmas dining one to remember. And one for the ages too.

Oxwell and Co
5 Ann Siang Road

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