Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Silver Chef Log Cake Special - Antoinette, Bakerzin, Cat and the Fiddle, Chef Yamashita and Salt Tapas Bar

Christmas log cakes can be quite tedious as someone mentioned to me recently, and for the most part, can be quite pedestrian.

Heavy on the cream, traditional log cakes are always just nice to look at, and hard to finish or even eat. Thankfully, 2015's festive season will see some exceptions.

Antoinette's Chef Pang is known to be one of our finest bakers and pastry chefs, and this year, he has delivered arguably the most stunning piece of log cake to be seen in town.

It hardly resembles like a classic log shaped cake, and is in fact, named the Terrarium. It is a spherical pastry marvel constructed to look like a botanical garden of sorts.

The base is mainly made out of dark chocolate mousse, while the lovely decorations are made out of passionfruit parfait, smoked almond nougatine and caramelised bananas. The pretty butterfly is actually white chocolate.

It is as beautiful to see as it is to eat. His balance of sweet and sour is admirable and there is a nice restraint on the overpowering of flavours. The caramelised bananas, in particular, adds to the joyous nature of the cake.

Bakerzin Apple Log Cake

For pure taste alone, Bakerzin's Apple Log Cake is my pick. A lovely mix of citrusy apple flavours makes a refreshing change from the cream laden cakes. Intricate flavours and textures from the pistachios and almonds gives it the perfect contrast,

A tinge of Smirnoff vodka nicely infused into the diced apples and apple jam gives it a little boozy punch and makes this festive cake so easy to eat and finish. It makes perfect give for friends and family. But be warned, you are likely to finish it first yourself!

Cat and the Fiddle Xmas Cheesecakes

Daniel Tay's Cat and the Fiddle Cheesecakes are not missing out on the fun either. They have two Xmas selections and my pick of the two is this cheekily titled Berry Berry Nice Cheesecake.

Full of berry notes to go along with their already well baked cheese cakes, it is a bit strong and full on, but this is just how festive cakes should be, especially cheesecakes. And thankfully, it is just on the knife edge without tipping over.

Chiffon Cake by Chef Yamashita

I was on hand to watch a couple of cake baking demonstrations by Chef Yamashita and this pretty chiffon cake is made out of black sesame base. Full of Japanese bakery influences, his eye for detail is unmatched and the cake reflects his effervescent personality better than anything else.

Lychee Martini Log Cake

Salt and Tapas Bar's Chef Ronald Li is one of my favourite local chefs. His rendition of Xmas pastries cannot get any better than this adorable looking Lychee Martini Log Cake.

Meringue mushrooms are so cute, but it is the lychee martini filling that takes my breath away. Using an actual lychee martini cocktail recipe, it's mix of fruity and alcoholic hits all the right marks. It is so delicious and light that you will be finishing this as fast as the aforementioned Apple Log Cake. However, this is only available during Xmas eve and day at the restaurant itself.

There you have it. Despite my initial reservations, I am happy to report that the log cakes this year have surpassed my expectations. And then some.

If you are looking for something truly unique and special, any of these selections will make for a fresh and alternate take from the boring old cream heavy log cakes.

Xmas is indeed coming, and this year, the log cakes are proving to be exceptional.

The Terrarium by Antoinette
Available at all their outlets and comes in two sizes. The larger one needs to be pre-ordered.

The Apple and Pistachio Log Cake by Bakerzin
Available at all their outlets.

Berry Berry Nice Cheesecake by Cat and the Fiddle
Order online at their website at

Special Xmas selections by Chef Yamashita
Tanjong Pagar outlet

Lychee Martini Log Cake by Salt and Tapas Bar
Raffles City Outlet and available as part their Xmas specials

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