Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Salt and Tapas Bar Christmas Menu - Something Really Special

Christmas menus can be quite bland these days, but Chef Ronald Li has certainly taken the effort to concoct something really special for Christmas this year.

So special that it is only available only on the nights of Christmas Eve and Day. There are only 3 mains to choose from, and a special dessert that is truly breathtaking.

Instead of stuffing oneself with an endless barrage of buffet items, it may be a better option to try one of the dishes here.

I had the pleasure to sample some of these Christmas specials earlier and can only say that all these items make for a better choice than the usual turkey and ham servings. They are all also meant for sharing and thus, make for a great family affair.

Lobster Thermidor

The Lobster Thermidor must be one of the best that I have come across so far. Presented spectacularly on an iron grill pan, it can serve probably up to four stomachs. The Boston lobster is cooked to perfection, with a beautiful bite on the crustacean flesh.

Accompanied with a simple garnish of spinach, cream and a well executed hollandaise, it is luxurious as it is delectable. Christmas is all about sharing and the red and green colours represent the festive mood adequately.

Grilled Spatchcock

The bird is sous vide first before grilling to give it that final caramelised colour that is so inviting. Paired with a corn salsa and a teriyaki sauce to give it a sweet glaze, the meat is tender as expected from the sous vide process.

Better than a typical roast turkey, this dish is again the right thing to have on Christmas. Everything is pulled off with the usual panache that Chef Ronald is known for, and then some.

Applewood Smoked Ribeye

The beef is smoked for two hours before giving it a grill. Served with plump cherry tomatoes, the meat is less tender than expected due to the thinner cut but the smoked applewood flavours come through well enough.

Lychee Martini Log Cake

I have written about their brilliant Lychee Martini Log Cake in an earlier post, but I will just reiterate how delightful it is. Light and airy, and citrusy refreshing makes it so easy to finish this cake in no time.

Served with a set of buckwheat churros, the churros are good on their own. And a classic hot chocolate sauce completes this dessert platter magnificently.

The Christmas items may be only limited for two nights, but I can certainly vouch for its quality and creativity.

It is truly something special.

Salt and Tapas Bar
Raffles City
Ground Floor facing Raffles Hotel

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