Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hong Qin Fish and Duck Porridge at Geylang - Best Duck Porridge in Singapore

When I was covering the story for Thye Moh Chan, I happened to chance upon this corner food stall near the main road, just opposite Thye Moh Chan.

I thought I would be having an average bowl of porridge, but it turned out to be one of the best bowls of porridge I ever had. And personally, I have been very big on duck porridge.

Perhaps the long queue and vast crowd should have given me a hint that this is no ordinary porridge stall. And Geylang does have a knack of churning out quaint but brilliant food eateries.

Besides porridge, they also serve a mean braised pig trotter which easily matches the best you find in most bak kut teh places. And then some.

Duck Porridge

The duck porridge looked very generous, where there was more than the usual portion of duck meat. The broth was flavorsome, and light and the congee was well immersed in the aromatic broth.

The duck meat was tender and succulent, something you do not find in most duck porridges. It was simply heavenly. Putting a mouthful of congee and duck together was just incredible.

Platter of Pig Trotter and Assorted Braised Eggs and Tofu

To go along with the duck porridge, we had a plate of mixed braised platter and the star was the pig trotter.

Beautifully braised, the meat was meltingly soft and tender, and using the same broth for the sauce, it was lightly sweet and tasty. All in all, very satisfying.

This was a simple meal, but it is such simplicity that reminds us that not all food need to be complex. Well cooked food that is cooked with a little passion goes a long, long way.

Hong Qin Fish and Duck Porridge
302 Sims Avenue (near Geylang Lorong 27 Main Road)


  1. Best Duck Porridge in Singapore?? My hubby will be pleased to learn that :)

  2. sry it has move to block 134 geylang east avenue 1 01-217 singapore 380134