Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ravioli With Seafood Cream and Butter Sauce

It has been awhile since my last recipe, so I thought I'd do a new dish over the weekend, and inspired by something that Masterchef Peter did.

It is actually one of my simplest recipes, and this can be quickly done in less than half an hour, and very sumptuous at the same time.

The dish is a simple ravioli dish with a rich butter cream sauce to go along.

To begin, simply boil some ravioli which you can get from NTUC finest. They come in various stuffings, and for this recipe, you can use any variant.

Usually, you will need to boil for between 7 to 10 minutes and add in some olive oil to the water to prevent any sticking of the pasta.

In a pan, add in a knob of butter and let it burn until it is liquid and brown. Quickly add in some chopped leeks and garlic and fry until the flavors are extracted.

Add in chopped crabsticks (or crabmeat) and scallops and let them quickly sear. Add in a dash of white wine and let the alcohol burn and infused with the mixture.

As the seafood begins to cook, add in cream to make the sauce and bring it to a high heat and let it reduce. As it reduces, the sauce will thicken up nicely.

Once it has reduced by half, bring it to medium heat and add it in the cooked ravioli and toss. Season with some grounded pepper.

For one final touch, add in some freshly chopped basil for the added aromatics.

And there you have it, in less and 30 minutes, a delicious ravioli dish!


  1. Nice! Something for me to keep in mind when I'm lazy and I want a fast dinner :D

  2. The food seems to be really sumptuous. I wish we had more restaurants like these in India.