Monday, October 10, 2011

Subhani Family Stall in Clementi - Best Sup Kambing in Singapore

Truth be told, I am not a regular consumer of sup kanbing, or for that matter, mee goreng and many other sumptuous Malay dishes.

Reason is I always find most sup kambings have a strong smell of mutton, which can be quite off-putting to me and to Pauline, especially.

So it was a surprise to find one sup kambing located in a remote part of Clementi that not only reaffirmed my liking for this dish, but surpassed it many times.
The actual location is actually only a few bus stops away from Clementi MRT, but because it is so deeply entrenched, it confounded a number of us who were trying to find it for the first time.

Sup kambing is actually mutton soup cooked with lots of vegetables and spices. Usually bright yellow in color, it is highly aromatic and when done right, it can be a heavenly dish.

Sup Kambing

The dish found in Subhani was incredibly fragrant, and more importantly, no heavy mutton smell. The mutton pieces were very well stewed and had a tender and lovely texture to it.

The broth itself, whilst spicy, was extremely flavorful and was only slightly oily. Just looking at this colorful dish was tempting enough, but the combination of the hearty broth and juicy mutton just made this simply the best sup kambing that I have ever tasted.

Mee Goreng

Lest you think they had only one good dish here, the bright red mee goreng served here was another exceptional hit. It was really thoroughly and well fried, with a sense of wok hei infused in the noodles and egg and vegetables.

Tastewise, it had the right balance of acidic tomato base with the savory soy complementing it nicely. All in all, a very good mee goreng dish.

Fried Mee Hoon

The fried mee hoon was less spectacular, but still, it was still a very good dish, with the same sense of wok hei but just less flavorful than its mee goreng counterpart.

Roti John

Roti John has always been a very popular Malay staple, but in recent years, it is getting harder to find. They do serve a very authentic roti john dish here, though it could have done with a little more frying on the crusts to make it more crispy.

I was pleasantly surprised to find such a delicious stall in a remote place of Clementi, but you should check this out if you are ever near Clementi. If nothing else, the sup kambing alone is worth the trip.

Subhani Family Stall
Blk 353 Clementi Ave 2
#01-107 Clementi Market and Cooked Food Centre

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