Thursday, February 26, 2015

Silver Food News - Mr Berlin, Butter Studio and O'nya Sayang Paya Lebar Square

Mr Berlin brings with it the German street food favourite of bratwurst sausages and hotdogs to the heart of Raffles Place.

There is a twist, however. Instead of mustard and ketchup, their hot dogs are laced with curry. Hence, the term currywurst.

In order to ensure that they get a good supply of sausages, Mr Berlin procures their stock from Huber's and it shows.

The outlet is an open air affair so those seeking for a cool environment might want to watch out. In the evening though, it is cool and breezy enough to be just comfortable.

Currywurst and Beer

As for the hot dogs themselves, this iconic German street food does live up to its name. The buns are warm and toasty, and the sausages of a very good calibre. The cheese sausage was the particular standout.

One bite and the cheese will ooze out almost like an ondeh ondeh sensation. Elsewhere, the fries were  pretty pedestrian and the prices a bit steep for street food when you consider that this is an alfresco setting. But the sausages are the stars and for a place to chill and some fine beer to wash down the currywursts, Mr Berlin seems ideal.

Classic Eggs Benedict

Butter Studio is not exactly new, and they are better known for their cupcakes. Recently, they have come up with a new savoury menu to cater for the meal periods and it is rather a mixed bad.

The requisite eggs benedict is present, and it was quite standard and nothing to shout about. They have come up with some sandwiches as well but for the most part, it is fairly workmanlike and they might do well to refine the menu further to provide a more enticing proposition for a full meal there.

Cupcakes Galore

Their main attraction has been their bakes and they do all their pastries in-house which is always a positive point in my book.

They also have a fairly wide and diverse selection of cupcakes and though most were a tad sweet for my taste, I am pretty sure they will sit very well with the younger crowd. And for my money, I will take Butter's cupcakes over Twelve Cupcakes anytime.

Buak Keluak Fried Rice

O'nya Sayang at Paya Lebar Sqaure aims to provide affordable Peranakan fare for the masses. For a cafe like setting, they do provide the range of classic Nyonya food served in a largely white decorated establishment that is both comfortable and spacious.

The pick of the lot would be the Buak Keluak Fried Rice where the spicy and nutty flavours of this traditional favourite will pair well with the dark looking fried rice.

Other classics like Babi Pongteh and Chap Chye had their ups and downs. The sauces were largely on the money, but I felt the cooking could have been better executed as the meats were rather tough and dry whilst the white cabbage in the chap chye was way undercooked and left a rather too crunchy texture.

Nyonya Desserts

As for the sweets which is such an integral part of Nyonya cuisine, it was also a mixed bag. The ondeh ondeh skin was far too tough but the gula melaka fillings were sufficiently explosive to the bite.

The chendol and the sago were the picks as both had a nice mix and balance of gula melaka versus coconut milk ratio that left me lemak satisfied on both instances.

For a mall that is serving Nyonya food, the prices are more than friendly and that should be sufficient to attract a healthy lunch crowd for the area. But if they are looking to attract patrons looking for more refined and better executed Peranakan fare, then the owners will need to up their game somewhat.

Still, it should be encouraged to improve further as Peranakan food is getting harder to find these days. Especially good ones.

Mr Berlin
01-09 1 Shenton Way

Butter Studio
147 Jalan Besar

O'nya Sayang
B1-30/31 Paya Lebar Sqaure
Next to Paya Lebar MRT Station

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