Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Silver Food News - The Quarters, MEDZS's New Breakfast Menu and Montana Brew Bar

The Quarters at Icon Village is a rather new cafe that aims to bring more local flavours into modern cafe fare.

The young owner is full of enthusiasm in trying to fuse classic Nanyang cuisine and has even marketed their sauces as individual takeaways.

Their star attraction seems to be their alioli sauces and the salted egg yolk dip ranked as one of our picks for the day.

Durian Creme Brulee

Elsewhere, the durian creme brûlée was very interesting and had a strong durian punch that will certainly please lovers of the thorny fruit.

As the menu is still evolving, the savoury items still need more refining and better execution to match the ambition of the fusion concept that the owner is hoping to achieve.

Classic Eggs Platter with Sausage and Mushrooms

MEDZS at Clifford Pier is launching an all-new breakfast menu. Standard breakfast dishes like this combination of scrambled eggs, sausages and mushroom may seem quite conventional, but what surprised us was the relatively low price. It is certainly more than value for money, considering for what you might pay for a full meal at the golden arches, you can get a decent breakfast plate with full service.

Garlic Cheese Toasts

What was even better was the garlic cheese toasts, which were not only affordable, they were pretty tasty on their own. Colourfully presented, the breads will be a favourite among the office workers around this area looking for a quick bite. Seriously, near Raffles Place, you cannot get a better deal than this.

A Special Brew

Just beside it you may find a familiar kaya toast and kopi franchise outlet and its brand of Nanyang kopi, but for serious coffee drinkers I urge you to pay a bit more to drink a good cuppa at Montana Brew Bar instead. Especially the filter coffee (which is off-menu now).

Drinking v60 coffee is a revelation if it is your first time. It is like drinking coffee consume. The essence is so aromatic and rich, but yet it is so light in texture and it is so drinkable that you can drink it cup after cup.

Mac and Cheese Waffles

As for the waffles, I enjoyed their very crispy batter and bite. It could do more with a cakey texture, and the waffles are still very much a work in progress at this time as they are still experimenting with different combinations.

For my money, I will gladly take the mac and cheese waffle anytime. It has a great cheesy flavour and the macaroni surprisingly worked with this rather unique waffle combination. As for the the wasabi chicken, it lacked flavour and the execution of the chicken was rather dry, so it needs more work.

The dessert waffles have their hits and misses, but none hit home as well as the mac and cheese. I will return for more of that, thank you.

The Quarters
First floor, Icon Village.

MEDZS at Clifford Pier
100 steps after you come come out of Raffles Place MRT (though it took me 120 steps, shorter legs I guess)

Montana Brew Bar
Walk into Pomo from the main entrance from the main road and walk past the kaya kopi toast shop and you will find it. (Seriously, why are you even bothered with the neighbour's overpriced Nanyang kopi when you can get filtered coffee next door?)

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