Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Queen's Yusheng From Antoinette - Finally, A Dessert Lou Hei!

The love of a father can seem infinite, when it comes to their children. This is all too evident when it comes to Chef Pang Kok Keong, founder of Antoinette.

You see, for a long time, he has wanted his young children to partake in the festivities during the Chinese New Year, and be part of the ritual that we call Lou Hei today.

Unfortunately, the young ones are unable to take raw fish, and as such they are unable to fully enjoy the tossing of salad that is normally associated with yusheng.

Undaunted, Chef Pang decided to take matters into his own hands and concocted a dessert yusheng specifically for his kids. He dubbed it the Queen's Yusheng. And boy, is it fit for royalty!

Gloriously presented on a plate with a gigantic golden egg that is actually made out of a chocolate casing, there are a myriad of dessert bounty within.

Chef Pang and his Golden Treasure

The raw fish has been replaced with white chocolate fish that resembles koi, and flushed out with more sweet goodies of dessert gold and ingots. The sweetness is further balanced with the citrus punch of pineapples, mangos, dragon fruit and pomelo to give it both balance and colour.

To finish, gula melaka and orange/plum dressing is poured over to give it that classic shine and sweet glaze that you normally find in standard yusheng. All in all, it is one amazing dessert plate that I actually enjoy pretty much. And yes, you need a hammer to crack open the golden egg. You get to keep the hammer too.

Chocolate Love Letters

Besides the Queen's Yusheng, Antoinette is also offering more traditional CNY goodies as well. My favourite is this chocolate coated love letters that will appeal to the ladies. Encased in delicious valrhona dark chocolate, the dark bitter chocolate flavours mixed with the crispy pastry is simply too addictive.

Pineapple Tarts

The pineapple tarts look simple but they still pop with a vibrancy of freshly made pineapple filling and a flavourful and buttery crust that will appeal to pineapple tart lovers everywhere. I can imagine going through one jar of this in a night!

New Year Goodies

I am not one for CNY pastries but Antoinette has selections here that will sway my jaded palate. In particular, the golden egg treasure that is the Queen's Yusheng is both creative and delectable. It should prove a bit hit with the kids, as is the original intention of Chef Pang. Hopefully, it will return every year.

What started out as a heartfelt gift from father to children has ended up as a treat for the rest of us. It is truly special when a dish is concocted from depths of a dad's affection can transform into a refreshing take on something so classic. While purists may frown on this, the rest of us will be delighted with something that is different from the litany of yushengs that has almost left me tired and bored.

As always, these CNY goodies will last until the end of the festive period, so hurry down to Antoinette to get your hands on some of these wonderful goodies.

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