Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Trio of Ice Cream Cafes - Rabbit Owl Depot, Ice Queen and Scream

Rabbit Owl is owned and operated by Joseph and Alena and is found just opposite the National Library at North Bridge Road.

Beautifully cosy and decked out in warm tones, it is the perfect ice cream hangout place. They make their ice cream in-house and everything just feels right about this place.

They use very little preservatives and stabilisers and rely on natural ingredients to make their ice cream.

The result is a more flavourful brand of dessert that never feels to sweet nor too rich.

Coconut, Matcha and Durian

I had a sampling of their products and they were truly outstanding. In particular, the coconut ice cream was a particular standout. It had crunchy strands of coconut embedded within their smooth iced dessert that encompassed a perfect balance of richness and refreshing awesomeness.

Chendol Ice Cream

Liquid nitrogen ice cream is slowly but surely gaining ground here. At Ice Queen, founder Eelin Goh has taken it further by incorporating the liquid nitro ice cream into some of our classic Singaporean desserts.

Their signature chendol dessert warms my heart in more ways than one. The ice cream has a savoury twist to it, and infused with a smoky gula melaka flavour and colour, it is a bowl of dessert delight.

Sticky Mango Rice

Another favourite is their mango sticky rice, which is mango ice cream infused with the traditional Thai styled sticky rice and coupled with some mung beans and coconut cream. The citrus of the mango and the richness of the coconut coated sticky rice simply cannot be faulted. Wondrous!

Smores Stout Waffles

IScream may have been around for some time, but I only had the opportunity to visit it recently. It is found in a quiet corner of Bedok North, nestled between two other kopitiam eateries and hence, it may seem like a weird choice of location.

But inside, it is very well decorated and for a shophouse cafe, it actually feels very spacious. They make their own ice creams as well, but the star is this amazing Smores Stout Waffles.

The waffle batter is infused with the bitterness of stout beer, and that just elevates the taste of the waffles into a savoury/bitter headiness. At the same time, it is crisp and crunchy and not doughy at the centre. One of the best waffles out there. The ice creams are decent and they do their job accompanying the delicious waffles.

Ice Creams Macaron Sandwich

They call this Soogle, but it is actually macarons sandwiching a quartet of ice creams. It certainly looks pretty and though it may not be out of the ordinary taste-wise, I expect the younger ones will enjoy taking photos and eating this at the same time.

Rabbit Owl Depot
420 North Bridge Road
#01-06 North Bridge Centre

Ice Queen
217 East Coast Road

89 Bedok North Avenue 4

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