Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ginza Yoshihiro - Omakase and Oden at It's Very Best

Omakase dining has just found another gem in the form of Ginza Yoshihiro here. Tucked away on the fourth level of Marina Mandarin, the space is compact, yet decked out in the finest Japanese influenced furnishings.

It also includes a tatami soju bar that is both impressive and classy. In fact, everything here is full of class.

Ginza Yoshihiro comes from a very respectable chain of Japanese eateries in Japan, and the lead chef hails from that pedigree.

Whilst his brother still runs the Japan restaurant, the Head Chef is here meticulously overseeing every aspect of the food here. And the result is undoubtedly one of the finest Omakase meals you can ever find in Singapore.

Cod Sperm

The appetisers range from this immaculately tasting cod sperm in soy, to a wondrously light tomato in dashi broth or oden and raw mackerel. Each of these are amazing on their own, and shows the precision and pristine level of cooking here. Fresh produce, impeccable seasoning and an exquisite presentation that is to follow with the rest of the Omakase menu.


The fish selection is specifically air flown and to no one's surprise, it tastes as if they just came from the ocean. Meaty, natural sweetness and incisive cutting are the hallmarks of a great sashimi dish. Suffice to say, they are all present in this one plate. Presentation wise, it is bold, colourful and respectful.

Waygu Shabu Shabu Oden

Perhaps my personal favourite of the night is this humble bowl of shabu shabu using A4 Waygu beef. Thinly sliced and perfectly cooked with nary a hint of a second of over doneness, the beef retains all the tenderness despite its thin structure. The oden is clear and subtle, yet maintaining a beautiful sweet flavour to allow the beef slices to soak in. As beautiful as it is comforting.

Grilled Pork

Another highlight is the grilled pork which is perfectly executed. Nice porcine flavours persists while the fried lotus root adding a suitable crunch to the occasion. Nothing extraneous, just clean cooking with a light and pretty plating.


It's really hard to get real quality sushi the likes you get in Japan here, so I am most pleased to have such sublime sushi being served here. The trio that I was served are all beautifully crafted. The maguro is probably the best tuna sushi I have tasted so far, the rice with vinegar carefully judged.

The fish itself, fresh and succulent and the wasabi just the right amount to balance. The uni and unami are equally brilliant and very nicely made too. Nothing to fault here, just brilliant sushi making all the way.

Hokkaido Prawn Tempura

The prawns are not seasoned at all, as they prefer you to season with matcha salt on the side. The matcha tones are not very bold, but the addition of a tiny bit of salt is all that is needed to bring out the crustacean flavours.

The batter is as good as it gets, and coupled with the gigantic nature of the shrimp, it makes for a terrific tempura dish.

Elsewhere, there are more equally delicious dishes on offer, but as with any Omakase, it changes every time you are here as it is based on the head chef's mood on the particular day.

I sampled some of the whisky and sake at the soju bar and they are all of a high quality. Alcohol revellers will have plenty to enjoy here too.

As a sum up, Ginza Yoshihiro hits all the right notes for me when it comes to the finest of Japanese cuisine. Everything here shines and every dish very meticulously prepared and executed.

The pricing may be bit on the high side, but then again, you are getting the best here. Best ingredients, best setting, and possibly the best Japanese chef working here now.

Ginza Yoshihiro
6 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Mandarin Hotel

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