Sunday, January 24, 2016

The 2016 Yusheng Post - My Top 5 and Then Some

Consuming yusheng time is here again, and 2016 has quite a lot of interesting variations in store. Some good, some not so good, and a few exceptionally brilliant ones.

Here's where I break it down for you. In the event you are looking for the classic fish and greens salad, or seeking something a bit more exotic or different.

Without doubt, one of my favourites this year has to be the one from Mitzo of Grand Park Orchard Hotel and it's cocktail inspired creation.

Using an actual lychee martini recipe as a base, the standout is the lychee bubble pops that provides the sweetness citrus that makes this yusheng thoroughly refreshing and the succulent kanpachi kingfish providing the requisite protein makes this delicious and visually arresting.

Champagne Jelly Yusheng from Jade Restaurant

Fullerton Hotel's Jade Restaurant has always delivered when it comes to yusheng and Chef Leong has stuck to the familiar grounds that has served his restaurant well from last year. Champagne jelly gives a lilting and boozy punch to the peach dressing which is less heavy on the sweetness quotient, and his intricately carved monkey on the plate is always an eye catcher.

Smoked Salmon Yusheng from Feng Shui Inn

At Resorts World Sentosa, Feng Shui Inn's Canto masterchef has always been impressive, but even I was not prepared for his stunning smoked salmon and fried banana take on the classic loh hei dish. His monkey shaped layout of the ingredients is also something to behold with its accurate depiction of the animal that is just as colourful. The use of banana is extremely inspired and works really well into the mix.

Salmon Skin Yusheng from Min Jiang Goodwood Park Hotel

Whilst its sister outlet at One North's yusheng is a letdown, the main outlet at Goodwood Park Hotel delivers the goods with its use of crispy salmon skin to replace the raw fish. Elsewhere, it might look as it is playing it safe, but the well cut ingredients and the balanced dressing actually makes for a very delectable salad and should be perfect for the young and the old with its classic trimmings.

Lobster Yusheng from Park Hotel Clarke Quay

Another yusheng that won me over is this fruity version complete with a whole lobster from Park Hotel Clarke Quay. Beautifully trimmed vegetables adorn the dish, but the spotlight has to go to the whole lobster with shell on that will prove to be supremely eye catching. Straightforward but effective dressing shows that if it ain't broke, nothing needs fixing. Just needs a lobster to up the ante, that's all.

Finding it hard to squeeze in just my top five, I have added another two honourable mentions for consideration.

Sashimi Yusheng at Enbu

Although you can't actually toss it like a regular loh hei as the staff will do all the mixing behind, this sashimi yusheng certainly caught my attention with its super fresh fish flown directly from Japan via ANA. It's other interesting feature is it's rather savoury soy based dressing that actually feels both Japanese and Chinese at the same time.

French Yusheng from Le Bistrot Du Sommelier

Finally, my last shout out goes to this French inspired yusheng from Le Bistrot Du Sommelier. Using salmon that has been cured in house, the addition of multi coloured beetroot provides the mandatory sweetness that is both different and refreshing and coupled with the muscular fish, it provides a very balanced salad that feels more European with its addition of dill. Nevertheless, it makes for a great yusheng variant too.

So, there you have it. Tossing this rascally dish for over twenty times, these are my favourites for 2016. As I have said earlier, some are familiar with a little twist here and there, some are wholesale reinventions on their own.

Whichever the case, there is plenty to choose from this year and you will be likely spoilt for choice. You will also be likely tossing this dish a few times too, so enjoy the loh hei festivities as we get nearer to the new year.

Stay tuned next time when I share with you my favourite CNY goodies and snacks.

Featured in this post are:

Mitzo of Grand Park Orchard Hotel

Jade Restaurant of Fullerton Hotel

Feng Shui Inn of Resorts World Sentosa

Min Jiang of Goodwood Park Hotel

The Banquet Rooms of Park Hotel Clarke Quay

Enbu of Eat at 7

Le Bistrot Du Sommelier 

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