Monday, August 26, 2013

Yantra at Tanglin Mall - The Elegance of North Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is not necessarily the first thing that comes to my mind when it comes to fine dining, and even rarer is the opportunity to find one of the more exciting young chefs in Indian gastronomy in Singapore.

But such is the eagerness and enthusiasm inherent in Yantra's head chef, Asif Iqbal that one cannot resist but to make a trip down to Tanglin Mall to savor one of the most refined Indian fine dining establishments in Singapore.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Traditional Hainan Chicken Rice at Bedok South - A Taste of Twe Kee, The Way of Doing Authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice

It was a sad day for me when Twe Kee closed for good late last year, but I am happy for the uncle who has since been recovered and is enjoying retirement life.

But still, I was longing for that classic style of Hainanese chicken rice which Twe Kee did so exceptionally well, and how rare is it to find true and traditional chicken rice these days.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rokeby at Jalan Riang - Best Fish and Chips in Singapore

Fish and chips in Singapore is quite an elusive dish for me, not because you cannot find it, but I simply cannot find one that is really decent.

I still remember the best fish and chips I ever had was not even in London, but in a harbor cafe in Sydney where they served me a brilliant beer batter version that was truly unforgettable. And that was over a decade ago.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Gold Leaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant - A Taste of Authentic Taiwanese Cuisine

Do not be misled by the signage that says New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant today, for by the time you read this and make a trip to Amoy Street, it may revert to the actual name of Gold Leaf Taiwan Porridge Restaurant.

And the brand that is Gold Leaf is a nostalgic one for the older generation, who may know it from its former glory days at Oxley Rise, where it used to be one of 2 places to go to for authentic Taiwanese cuisine. The other being Oasis.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Making a Great Sauce For That Ribeye Steak - Forget the Wagyu and Sous Vide, The Sauce is King

The one thing when it comes to eating steak in Singapore is that the beauty of sauces is largely ignored. Very often, the focus is so much on the quality of the beef and the use of gimmickry like sous vide that very little attention is given to sauces.

That is probably the main reason why I hardly eat steaks outside these days. That, and the fact that steaks are so outrageously priced these days that it has become a luxury food more than anything else.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pek Kio Food Market Delights - Good Spice Carrot Cake and Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun

This was the second time that I have been to Pek Kio to savor the infamous Wah Kee Prawn Noodles, something which seemingly had a reputation far larger than it could contain.

And again, it was closed. After perusing the web, I realised that I was not the only one who is having this same issue. It seems that this most notorious of prawn noodle stalls is never opened, at least not for the regular patron who wants to try.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Simple Bacon in Brown Butter Pasta - The Best Instant Noodles You Can Make at Home

It really perplexes me whenever I am queuing at a supermarket to pay, to see the people around me stocking up on cartons after cartons of instant mee in their trolleys.

Instant noodles has become the "go to" food for the majority of Singaporeans, it seems. And that is a bad sign. We have become so complacent when it comes to food and cooking that we are so willing to settle for cup noodles that we are seriously losing the ability to cook our own fresh food at home.