Monday, April 23, 2018

Victor's Kitchen at Sunshine Plaza - Forget the Liu Sha Bao, It's the Dim Sum That Shines

Dim sum joints these days can be quite boring and bland, the same recycling of the usual steamed and fried items, albeit served up at fine dining establishments with fine dining prices.

Yet, when we long for the old school push trolley dim sum places, the remaining ones are a pale shadow of their former glory.

Duality Series - Chef Pang, French Pastries Extraordinaire and Hakka Cuisine Custodian

Mention french pastries in Singapore and one of the first names to come up will be Antoinette. Chef Pang Kok Keong is the brainchild behind this bastion of French patisseries here, but behind his intricate cakes and sugary creations, there is a faithful Hakka son deep within.

Recognised as the best local baker here, Chef Pang was brought up on a staple of mum's cooking during his childhood days. His fondest food memory being his mum's authentic Hakka leek kueh, which itself is a rarity these days.