Saturday, October 9, 2010

Appreciation is in Order - My 40th post

It's amazing what started out as a simple exercise to document my recipes, has turned out to be something much more.

What has transformed from a personal library, has somehow taken a life of its own.

This marks my 40th post, in this food blog that just started a little less than 2 months back in mid August.

I just wanted to use this moment, not just to mark a minor milestone, but also to take this opportunity to send out a round of appreciation.

Firstly, a big round of thanks to those who have come and visited this blog, and I hope those who are looking for recipes would have found something useful and handy for your own cooking needs and enjoyment.

Cooking has always been a joy to me, and I hope you have found some joy in the creations I came up with. I know from some of your emails, that some of you have endeavored to try cooking for the first or first few times. Some with great results, and some with relative good ones too.

I hope you folks will keep trying and enjoying cooking as much as I enjoy putting up more new dishes for everyone to try. In the upcoming posts, I will attempt to fuse more local flavors with more classic established recipes to hopefully give you something new and exciting.

For those who come to read my reviews, I hope you have found my posts useful, be it new places you never came across, or wanting to see my comments on places that you may have already been to.

Good food is abundant in Singapore, and for those readers outside Singapore, I hope you will be intrigued enough to find more about Singaporean food and eateries as I bring more review in the coming weeks. And also on Asian cuisine in general.

I cannot forget my Pauline, who has been a trooper. She has steadfastly followed me through most of my adventures, and the pictures that you see here are almost all her good work.

She loves to take pictures, and I am glad that this has been an equally fantastic outlet for her to show her skills and passion in this area. And for those pictures in this blog that look less than adequate, well, those are down to yours truly :)

Lastly, for those who have followed me and endeared with me on my food reviews and sessions, I know you guys have been super patient while Pauline and I attempt to take the best pics possible - a big Thank You to you all as well.

So, I am glad to report, that there seems to be a healthy stream of visitors daily, and I know that there are a number of you who return regularly. I am extremely appreciative of every visit and and every visitor and every comment that you leave.

This food blog has already far exceeded my expectations and I am still wondering how much more this can lead and go to. I invite everyone who has been on this ride to continue on this adventure with me!

This is the Silver Chef, feeling extremely fortunate and appreciative.

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