Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kim's Seafood Place - Best Hokkien Prawn Mee

One of the most unique and original Singaporean dishes ever is fried hokkien prawn mee.

It is one of the most distinguishable local dishes, and one that not many can get it perfectly.

The one place where we really fancy our hokkien mee is the one at Joo Chiat Place called Kim's Seafood Place, and in fact, they have a sister branch very nearby as well.

The place itself is an entire coffeeshop and it serves a wide range of zhe char dishes which are pretty good on their own. Typically it is a family styled eatery and they have done some reno with the place and has a very cosy yet clean feel about it.

Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee
The star of the place is this delicious plate of fried hokkien prawn mee. The noodles are well fried with a great mastery of wok hei (or control of the fire of the wok), and is very moist with the broth.

The prawns were slightly overcooked, but this does not detract from the overall abundant flavors of the prawns, squid, mixture of mee and bee hoon textures and a nice helping of fried lard.

I like the fact that they are considerate enough to separate the fried lard on the side so you can decide how much lard you want to go with this dish. The crunchy and sinful texture of the lard just adds to the overall taste so much!

Oyster Omelet
We decided to pair the noodle dish with a nice plate of oyster omelet. The oysters were large and fresh, wonderful to the bite and the omelet had a nice fried eggy finish to it.

Not the perfect oyster egg combo, but definitely a cut above the rest. And you must eat with the fragrant sambal chilli sauce that came along with it, scrumptious!

Bamboo Clams

Finally, we ordered a pair of bamboo clams to round out the meal and boy, were these really good! Pauline had nothing but high praise for these as she will always order the clams without fail every time we visit this joint.

The clams are sweet as honey, and still succulently tender, yet the abundance of minced garlic prevents the sweetness from going entirely overboard and provides a nice bite at the same time. This is really our favorite bamboo clam dish in town, and then some.

Overall, if you really like your hokkien mee moist and flavorful, you cannot really go wrong with Kim's, and this is widely endorsed by a fair amount of diners already. They do serve other seafood dishes like the classic chilli and black pepper crabs, but we did not find them exceptional.

The fried hokkien mee is the thing here and it will take a lot for us to displace this as the no. 1 fried hokkien prawn mee place ever.

Kim's Seafood Place
37 Joo Chiat Place


  1. i must try the hokkien mee and bamboo clams sometime! i realized that we share many hawker food favorites (:

  2. haha, what else do you like? maybe i can go find it and blog here

  3. claypot rice, kway chap... the list is never-ending! it's okay, i'd be happy to continue reading about your favorite hawker haunts (: