Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kampong Chicken Rice at Upper Thomson

Our national dish, chicken rice has been well documented and discussed. Countless hours have been spent on debating who and what is the best chicken rice in Singapore.

Here, I will just touch on our own personal rave, which is Kampong Chicken Rice at Upper Thomson.

Kampong chicken differs from conventional chicken in the sense that the chickens are reared as free rein, which tend to result in a more tender and succulent meat, and less fat.

There are a few notable kampong chicken rice outlets, one of which is this one in Thomson, and another in Tiong Bahru which I find equally good.

The unique feature of kampong chicken is also the color of the chicken skin, which is of a bright yellow nature, far brighter and yellower than the average steamed chicken you find in most hawker centers.

Kampong Chicken Goodness
For this particular outlet in Thomson, apart from chicken rice, they also serve zhe char dishes and having tried there a number of times, the zhe char is certainly of a certain standard, but not the best in town.

The chicken is what we came here for and we ordered half a chicken for 2. As expected, the oil was considerably much lesser (and good for the health conscious), and the fat much reduced too. The meat was nicely succulent and moist inside, and the whole texture was naturally very palatable.

The chicken rice was very flavorful and shows it was well infused with the chicken fat and chicken broth in the cooking process. The texture was just right, and when you accompany it with the tender chicken, it was a very heavenly match indeed!

The condiments were a good mix of scallion ginger and the chilli was there or thereabouts too. All in all, for a chicken rice combo, you can't really go wrong. Oh, the soup itself was tasty and not like some others which usually can taste quite bland like boiled water.

Overall, if compared to similar chicken rice cum zhe char (aka Powsing and 5 star), we would pick this over them anyday. The price itself is higher than your average hawker stall, but is certainly competitive against Powsing and 5 star and Boon Tong Kee.

I will cover the Tiong Bahru in a later post but for now, Kampong Chicken House rules the roost.

Kampong Chicken Rice
255 Upper Thomson Road


  1. just wondering, have you tried tian tian chicken rice? if so, how does kampung chicken rice live up to the former?(:

  2. yup, and no doubt tian tian is very good, i prefer kampung for the less fatty/oily nature of the chicken .. but thats jus my preference

    btw, great site u hv :) just visited it today

  3. noted down this place!! Thanks for recommendation again ^0^