Monday, October 11, 2010

Skinny Pizza With Video

It is often interesting how one gets to know of a new eatery from the most unusual of sources, and Skinny Pizza was a find totally out of the blue from cyberspace.

We understand that Skinny Pizza has been around for some time, and has its first outlet sometime in Suntec, which unfortunately, we haven't been to for ages.

Anyhow, Pauline likes to shop at Orchard more often than not, and this one time we were at Ion, and for some funny reason, I had this craving for pizza, which is very highly unusual in itself.

As I was struggling to find a decent pizza joint around Ion, I had this notion to use my iPhone to do a quick nearby search. Fired up my trusty Hungrygowhere app, and keyed in to see if it can search for any nearby pizza place. And voila! it showed me Skinny Pizza!

Curious, hungry and craving for pizza, we decided to brave this new place for the first time, and we have been back at least half a dozen times since, often bringing new converts to this place. The place itself is clean, somewhat retro and cleverly green and recycled.

They use old DVD covers for some of the placeholders and chairs are made out of recycled wood. The whole place looks amazingly lively and inviting. And the servers are extremely friendly and chatty, which is rare these days. But on with the food.

Sweet Corn Crab Soup

While there are half a dozen of soup selections on the menu, they only serve 3 on any given day. I had the sweet corn crab and the texture is creamy smooth and while I did find the flavor a tad sweet for me, it  is still flavorsome and easy to go down.

Portobello Mushroom Soup

The portobello mushroom soup is also very delicious, full of mushroom bits which Pauline loves and adds a lovely texture to the soup. Both are recommended, but the mushroom soup takes a slight edge for me.

Parsley Mash Potatoes

They have some lovely, but somewhat pricey sides to go along with the pizza. The truffle fries are aromatic but cut a bit too thick for my liking. But the parsley mash is excellent! Its so smooth and creamy it almost has a butter like quality to it. This is one of those times where you have this 'need to go back for 'one more mouthful' feeling.

Truffle Mushroom Skinny Pizza

On to the main event, which is the skinny pizza. They do have an incredible selection of toppings, from seafood to Bolognese and some other funky combos. Our favorite has always been this truffle mushroom pizza which is simple yet wonderful to the taste.

The pizza crust is the difference here. Not the conventional dough like texture, but something more akin to a potato chip quality. Very crispy and easily breakable to the touch, it does have the tendency to go soggy underneath the moist toppings, so the best advise is to eat it fast, which didn't seem to be a major issue for most diners there :)

The topping has a nice mushroom paste with the truffle scent very prominent. They tend to top most of their pizzas with fresh arugula, which is very refreshing and healthy at the same time. Add to it some fresh onion slices, it has a nice balance of flavors and texture which is very delightful to consume.

Mushroom Risotto

In addition to the pizzas, they have recently expanded their menu with an array of pasta and other main courses. The best of the lot for us was this mushroom risotto which was really very well cooked. They added in some peas and carrots and a nice brown sauce to go with it.

It is not only tasty, but the colors are gorgeous and the final topping of shaved parmesan completes the dish elegantly. One niggle though, they could have half the parmesan as each shave seems a bit too long to eat at one go. Or maybe my mouth is not big enough :)

Seafood Paella

Pauline's new fav dish (overtaken the risotto it seems), is this new seafood paella served on a large skillet. It had a nice infusion of squid ink, and you can really taste the cooked alcohol of white wine underneath.

The seafood bits were nicely cooked too, not too tough or over cooked and topped with parsley and some capsicum for crunch and color. Overall, it is a nice surprise to see a traditional Spanish dish serve in a place like this, and done very well indeed.

Teh Tarik SP style

Their drinks selection are also quite interesting. They are promoting a range of teas and recommended their own special brew of teh tarik, which uses a very aromatic red tea. They replaced the condensed milk with honey and milk, I think, and it is very different indeed.

Tastewise, while you lose that nice sinful feeling of condensed milk, the honey does compensate for the sweetness. But it is the red tea that comes off very strong and fragrant that makes this teh tarik really very drinkable. Very nice.

All in all, there are a multitude of reasons to go back. The extensive menu, which means you will take at least a dozen trips to try out all their pizzas, the great service and really very warm setting are all enticing enough in itself.

But, it is also very green and health conscious, which really make this a worthwhile visit every visit.

The only issue is the price, as this is not your regular pizza hut outlet, so expect to pay more for the food and service here.

But you do get what you pay for, and now that they have opened a new outlet in Raffles City basement, Skinny Pizza will be even more accessible to more folks in town.

We still prefer Wheelock Place's outlet as it was our first time there and the staff can remember you and always come around to check on you and how you like the food. This is not something you get in most cafes and bistros, so kudos to the management for having such attentiveness.

Skinny Pizza
#03-04 Wheelock Place

Click here for the YouTube link.
Click here to download the HD version.

Written, filmed, edited and directed by Silverchef Productions.
Shot and edited entirely on Apple's Iphone 4 and at Wheelock Place.
No skinny pizza was harmed in the shooting of this video.
"Forget You" performed by Glee Cast (feat. Gwyneth Paltrow).

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