Sunday, October 17, 2010

Poached Red Snapper with Chilli Lime Capellini

This week, we made a conscious decision to create a fish dish, and wanted to do something simple as well.

I wanted to do a simple recipe for some of you out there who have recently taken to cooking (thanks for the emails!), and I encourage you to try this out.

To begin, get a pair of red snapper fillets from your local supermart. Season them generously with salt and pepper on both sides.

In a big pan, saute some chopped onions in some olive oil for a min or 2. Add in some diced celery and let them cook for another min or 2. Pour in some white wine and let it sizzle and absorb into the onions and celery.

After the wine has been reduced, pour in enough chicken broth to almost cover the pan and enough to make the poaching liquid. Bring the mixture to a boil and turn it down to medium heat. Add in the seasoned fillets and let it cook for about 2 and half mins on each side.

In another pot, saute some garlic and chilli in olive oil as well for a min. Add in white wine (much more than for the poaching liquid) and let it sizzle and reduce by half.

Season with some pepper and add in some chopped crabmeat. Personally, I like to use chopped crab claw meat if it is available for the added sweetness and color. Take 3 or 4 limes and squeeze the juices into the crab and chilli mixture.

Cook some capellini pasta and strain it. Run through some cold water or tap water to stop the cooking process.

Add the pasta to the crab and chilli mixture and toss thoroughly.

To serve, plate the capellini first followed by the fish. Garnish the red snapper with some chopped coriander. To finish, spoon some of the poaching liquid into the plate as a sauce.

The tangy and spicy pasta will balance nicely with the fish's onion and celery flavors. Refreshing and healthy!

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