Friday, October 29, 2010

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe

Ahhh, the traditional morning breakfast of Singaporeans have over the years progressed from classic open air kopitiams to modern air-con outlets of Ya Kun, spread all over the island.

Yet, even more amazing, more and more new brands have sprouted offering very identical experiences, and Good Morning Nanyang Cafe is one such new offering.

We found this quaint cafe whilst at Chinatown Point one weekend, and it was certainly very well furnished, much more comfy and spacious than the typical Ya Kun outlet.

Tea and Eggs
For those not familiar with Singapore, this tradition of having tea, half boiled eggs and toast with kaya dates back many decades. It is only during the last decade that brands like Ya Kun, Toastbox and Killiney Kopitiam have franchised this into a blooming f&b business.

Runny Soft Boiled eggs
This is our morning staple, which is basically 2 eggs that is lightly boiled and once cracked open, it is still very runny, which gives it almost a soupy nature. Add a touch of white pepper and dark soy sauce for some seasoning and it is very hearty and gives the morning a much needed boost.

Ciabatta with Orange Zest and Kaya
Most times, these sort of cafes will serve toast with butter and kaya spread. Kaya is a form of coconut and sugar jam which is very aromatic and is greenish in nature. The uniqueness of Nanyang is instead of using regular toast, they use ciabatta bread instead.

Because of this, it has a smoother and less toasty texture, and as the ciabatta also came with some orange zest, it gives a very refreshing twist to the palette and dampens the sweetness of the kaya, which can be quite overpoweringly sweet at times.

This is a nice find for those seeking that 15 min break, and the ciabatta is certainly a fine alternative. Elsewhere, the fare is quite standard, which in itself, is not a bad thing.

Good Morning Nanyang Cafe
133 New Bridge Road
Chinatown Point


  1. They started a branch at 108 Robinson Road
    (Inside Melior International College) a few months ago. Besides the familiar kaya toast and orange ciabatta, please try their new Brioche with Butter & Cinnamon Sugar. Whenever my work takes me near to any of the two cafes, I would find an excuse to visit them.

  2. Thanks for the helpful info! Think i may need to go again sooner than i expected to try the butter cinnamon !

  3. Yep my fav orange ciabatta toast and my wife's favourite cup of coffee.

  4. i would like to see the owner opening more of these ... it really is a nice change from the toastboxes and ya kuns

  5. Thanks for the info, will go and try it out