Sunday, November 2, 2014

Les Patisseries - A Neighbourhood Cafe Gem

Cafes sprouting out of neighbourhood joints are becoming common these days, but there are only a few rarified ones that actually are worthy of note. And Les Patisseries happens to be one of them.

Situated near Toa Payoh Central, it is started by 3 aspiring young food owners/bakers. Making their own pastries and desserts, it is also one of those that do not rely on outsourced bakes to supplement their menu.

In their mid-20s and recently graduated from local culinary institutions, their menu may look conventional but the food that came on our table was exemplary. And with a bit of inventiveness.

The cafe occupies about 2 shophouses along Toa Payoh Central, which is just a whisker away from Courts. The decor is cosy, cool and a perfect chill out zone. It looks spacious, but the main kitchen does take up more space than the usual neighbourhood cafe, which is always a good sign.

Eggs Benedict

It may say eggs benedict on the menu, but the dish looks somewhat different. Yes, there are poached eggs but the eggs themselves have a slightly burned and caramelised look to it. Cutting through the eggs though, still elicited the same creamy, golden ooze that you have come to like about classic poached eggs.

Instead of muffin, it was served with their own baked croissant and it was delicious. Though not as large as classic French croissants, it had an aromatic and buttery flavour to it that was fresh and flavourful. Served with a side of salad and ham, it was a pretty and tasty plate of eggs benedict.

Hazelnut Pastry

Their desserts and bakes were also excellent. Especially this delightful hazelnut tart. Full of hazelnut goodness and a nice, crisp crust. Beautifully presented, it tasted every bit as good as well.


The tiramisu also had an unusual but appealing look to it. I loved the combination of the classic tiramisu flavours, the coffee bitterness and the marscopne creaminess having a beautiful balance of acidity and richness. The whole pasty was so easy to consume and will leave you yearning for more afterwards.

Mango Mousse

The mango mousse also looked delectable and inviting. A shiny, orange glow on the exterior gave way to a delicate texture that was both airy and light within. It was a tiny wee bit sweet for my palate, but otherwise, it makes for a perfect companion to their excellent coffee and tea selections too.

For such a new startup, they are already seeing brisk business. I suspect it is the wonderful pastries that have a big part in making them popular at such an early stage. The service was generally quite good and prompt.

If you are around the vicinity, you should check these guys out. It is definitely worth a visit. Or two.

Les Patisseries
186 Toa Payoh Central

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