Thursday, November 27, 2014

Morganfield's Christmas Feast 2014 - Terrific American Comfort Food

Found in a rather secluded corner of Suntec City, Morganfield's is not just another Outback replica. Rather, it actually dishes up very good American comfort fare.

Although the prices are somewhat on the high side, the portions that are decked out here are huge and frankly, one portion here can easily feed two Singaporeans.

The place itself looks like a chill out place for the executives that populate the offices nearby, and the wooden feel of the establishment does lend more to a bar than a fancy restaurant.

Beers and happy hours are what will attract the traffic here, but to miss out on some of the good food here will be a shame as despite my apprehension prior to coming here, I came away a satisfied diner.

As this is a festive period, it is no surprise that Morganfield's is going all out to woo the Xmas goers with their festive fare. What they have is their Xmas Feast 2014, and it is a excellent package of foodie goodies.

Assorted Basket

This assorted basket got our dining party started off on a bright note. The bratwurst sausages are of very good quality, but it was the popcorn pork and beer candied pork that stole the show.

The popcorn pork was beer food at its best. Crisp, fried and salted to the right levels, it is washed down best with a glass of cold beer. The candied bacon was even more impressive, and the sweet glaze over the bbq pork slices was reminiscent of a well executed ba kea (chinese bbq glazed pork).

Xmas Platter

The Xmas platter was almost intimidating in its size, and though it was supposed to feed up to 3, we reckoned even 6 diners will have trouble finishing this in its entirety.

There were 2 types of ribs and both were excellent. The pigs are sourced from Spain and despite the rumour that Spanish pigs are more gamey, the execution of the cooking and the deliciously judged glazes never betrayed any hint of the gamey issue. In fact, the meat was tender and succulent and was easily peeled from the bones.

The turkey legs were smoked really well, and despite being turkey there was not that much of dryness in the meat itself. I loved the smokey aroma of the skin and loved the gigantic size of it all.

There was more assorted sausages and my particular favourite was the cheese one. Every bite into the encased sausage provoked a quick burst of explosive cheese flavours within my expectant mouth.

They also made their own corn bread and it was fresh and delicious. Tasting like homemade bread, the interior had a lightness and sweetness that left me yearning for more.

To finish it off, there was some additional garnish of caramelized onions, roasted potatoes and steamed long beans. All were well executed and provided a respite from the excess of meat.

Peach Cobbler

For dessert, the peach cobbler was presented and it was a competent dessert dish. It was a tad too sweet for my palate and despite having some nice buttery crumbs at the base, it was not exactly a dessert that wowed me personally. Still, it makes for a good way to end a meal.

The Xmas platters and specials will last until the end of the festive season and I can urge you to try them in a large group. There are a lot of things to like at Morganfield's and I think I am a convert already.

Morganfield's Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard Tower 4

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