Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Silver Food News - Foodology Fresh, The Manhattan FISH MARKET and Pie Face

Now that the Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014 is over, it is time to catch up on some food happenings in and around town.

First up is Foodology Fresh, a healthy eating concept that has recently revamped its menu. Currently found on the first floor of URA Centre at Maxwell Road, it houses an 800 square feet seating area.

Foodology mainly serves up salads, sandwiches and wraps. I particularly found the soup selection my favourite among the bunch.

If healthy eating is your thing, Foodology is probably something you should check out as it is now conveniently located in a central part of town and should satisfy the diet conscious folks as well.

Some of their highlights include their popular roast chicken, grape and apricot salad and smoked salmon and avocado wrap. Finished off with some familiar but more healthy desserts like apple pie, it is a health fan's ideal food ground.

Fishy Chicky Bang Bang

Bad puns aside, The Manhattan FISH MARKET has also recently revamped their menu for all their branches and feature a number of new dishes.

Among them is this deep fried take of surf and turf, complete with a tacky title, Fishy Chicky Bang Bang. It is a deep fried piece of chicken fillet mixed with dory and surprisingly, the combination works very well. The rest of the plate is a bit of a deep fried overkill though.

Other than that, there are new additions like oyster roulette and curry hill seafood. All are interesting and may prove intriguing for regular MFM goers.

Pie Face

Started in 2003, this immensely popular Australian based bakery cafe has finally opened its doors in Singapore at the basement of 313 Somerset. Its signature 48 layers of butter based dough has come along as well, and the now familiar trademark "pie faces" on their pastries is the talk of the town now.

Their flavours range from classic chicken/mushroom and steak, to distinctly Asian touches of Thai curry and Tandoori vegetables. The pies are all very affordably priced.

Perhaps it is still first week opening jitters, but my first visit there was less than satisfactory. The pies were underdone, and the filings were quite bland. Nevertheless, the chicken and mushroom pie was a standout and should prove popular for pie fans.

They also sell croissants and cheese sticks, the latter which was my favourite pick for the place. Full of glorious;y melted cheese, it is the savoury kick that you look for when you are hunting for a snack to curb your itching mouth.

Foodology Fresh
45 Maxwell Road #01-02
The URA Centre

The Manhattan FISH MARKET
Available at all 16 markets island wide

Pie Face
313 Orchard Road

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