Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014 - The Prata Place with Prata Benedict and Curry Hollandaise

I have always passed by this recognisable prata shop along Upper Thomson Road, but never had the opportunity to actually drop in to take a look. As things would have it, they are participating in this year's Ultimate Hawker Fest and I was there to sample their dish for this year's event.

Guna, who is the owner boss of this establishment, is such a jovial and passionate man when it comes to prata and food. It is almost infectious talking to him.

They serve all kinds of prata, as well as other cooked foods to supplement the classic Singaporean breakfast fare.

But it is the prata that takes precedent when you are here, and Guna does not hold back any punches when it comes to variety. Since 2012, he has been coming up with his own unique take on prata for the charity event, and this year, it is no exception.

For 2014, he has mischievously come up with his own Curry Hollandaise Prata with Poached Egg. This, I assume, must be his reaction to all the cafes sprouting out all over the island serving unending egg benedicts.

Prata with Curry Hollandaise and Poached Egg

Looking so inviting on the regular metal plate, this concoction almost sounds too absurd to be true. But somehow, it actually works. The hollandaise is infused with a touch of acidity and spice to give it an almost assam curry tone, and helps to take away some of the grease from the prata.

Coupled with his crispy, flaky prata and a singular poached egg, the combination tastes strangely familiar when you dig into it. As the creamy yolk oozes out of this set whites, it creates a lovely sauce for you to coat the prata with.

Red Bean Prata

Another of his wild and crazy creations is his version on the classic Chinese red bean paste pancake. He uses his prata dough as the base instead, and all I can say is it is amazing!

Crispy and filled with a tasty red bean paste filling, it is immense addictively and the prata dough actually makes it even more delicious than the usual pancake dough. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Catch the guys from Prata Place at the Ultimate Hawker Fest this coming Saturday 22 Nov 2014, from 11am to 5pm at Suntec Expo Halls 401, 402.

After the event, the Prata Benedict dish will be available at his regular stall.

The Prata Place
1 Thong Soon Avenue

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