Monday, November 24, 2014

Pantler - An Invitingly Fresh Bakery Cafe

Started by Matthias who left his job as a writer to pursue his passion for baking, Pantler is a new kid on the block along Telok Ayer Street. It's main focus is on baked goods, and leading the kitchen is Chef Morita, a veteran baker from Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

The bakery has a zen like decor, simple and elegant. Decked out in darker tones, the mood is cool yet cosy.

Chef Morita's bakes are decidedly more Japanese and has a mixture of breads and pastries.

While the breads are pretty much par for the course, it is the pastries that truly stand out in this establishment.


This luscious looking Yatsura is a hazelnut dacquoise, dark chocolate mousse and hazelnut feuilletine. I loved the glossy, smooth dark chocolate coating on the top, mixed with the crunchy biscuity bit at the bottom, and the beautifully made mousse sandwiched in-between.

The ganache was simply pretty and a chocolate lover's delight. Putting all three components together, this is a dessert that has flavours, textures and visuals all encompassed in a lovely, sweet package.

Creme Caramel and Mango Passion Panna Cotta

What was even more breathtaking were this lovely pair of cupped desserts. The creme caramel was classic dessert exellence. The custard was creamy and had a wonderful taste of egg and finished off with the burnt caramel that was executed to a tee.

The mango passion panna cotta equally held me at bay. A nice wobbly nature ensured that the cooled cream/milk was done as it should be, and the fruity combination of mango and passion fruit provided the necessary balance to counter the subtle sweet flavours of the dessert.

Choux Creme

Piped custard cream into a freshly made choux may sound inviting but not everyone can get it right. The guys at Pantler has just about nailed it. Perhaps my choux had been sitting a tad too long and hence the pastry was a bit tough.

Nevertheless, the custard was delicious and there was still enough of a scent of a well made choux for me to give the thumbs up to this intricate dessert.

Chef Morita and Matthias's commitment to quality cannot be faulted. They insist on using the best ingredients and sticking to authenticity when it comes to their pastries. That is evident in the plates that we tasted.

As a final note, they serve good coffee as well and for a CBD cafe, Pantler comes highly recommended. For an afternoon of pastries and coffee/tea, this is probably one of the best new places to be at now.

198 Telok Ayer Street

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