Sunday, October 31, 2010

Royce Chocolates

When it comes to chocolates, I always find Pauline, and ladies in general, succumbing to the intoxicating nature of this wondrous dessert.

So, this post is actually meant for the guys, for if you ever need to appease your lady, you should go on reading ...

And for me personally, nothing tops making the woman of my life smile more than putting a pack of Royce chocolate in front of her.

It is something about the comforting effect that chocolates have, especially for women. It is like an instant reliever for many, the moment a piece of chocolates disappears into her mouth, her face breaking into some form of unrestrained ecstasy.

But I digress, Royce I believe, comes from Japan, and they are extremely popular here. They do have an outlet in the basement of Ngee Ann City and another in Suntec City, near Carrefour. They always come immaculately packaged, and have a wide assortment of chocolates.

Champagne Nama Chocolate
Their most popular range is the nama cholocates, which comes in a variety of flavors, from au lait, to bitter chocolate. Our favorite is the champagne flavored ones. As you can see from the photo, it comes in a pack of 20 chocolate cubes.

What is so exquisite about these cubes is that they are so smooth and buttery that it literally melts in your mouth. It has cocoa powder coated on each cube to give it a slight bitter fragrance, and every Royce newbie who is having this for the first time will never stop at one!

Orange Truffles
My own personal fav is this box of orange truffles that comes in a very beautiful box. It only contains about a dozen truffles, but it is absolutely heavenly!

Each truffle is also cocoa coated, but within, there is a very delightful concoction of orange peel and liqueur that will literally explode in your mouth when you pop one in. You only wish there were more of these in every pack.

Nutty Bar Chocolate
Pauline always cannot resist picking up an extra box of nuttty bars as well. It is a waffle like stick which contains almond and hazel paste (among an assortment of other nut paste), and I think, almond puff inside, making the texture crunchy yet chocolatey smooth.

So guys, do not hesitate. This is the perfect gift and perfect way to get into your lady's good books. There are many more delightful and colorful selections from Royce, and I doubt that you can go much wrong with any choice.

Just be cautious though, as this is also sinfully addictive. Nevertheless, this is something we should indulge in, every once in a while, especially over a brew of tea on a warm autumn evening like now.

Royce Chocolates
Basement 2, Ngee Ann City Food Section near Cold Storage

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