Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ming Kee Char Siew at Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur, The Best Glass Char Siew Ever

Although we had raved about the char siew at Shunfu, quite frankly we have discovered the nirvana of char siew in the heart of KL.

It is found in a very run down coffee stall in a street in Jalan Alor, just off Bukit Bintang, and boy, was this one of the best finds ever!

It has a very modest looking stall front, and from the outside, you will hardly think that this is a place that will serve you food so amazing, that you will rave about for days.

But indeed, once you step inside, it was eerily dark and until the first dish hit the table, we were wondering if we did come to the right place at all!

Glass Char Siew

The char siew that was eventually served was simply incredible! The beautiful caramelization with the sweet and charred honey glaze could not be faulted.

The meat had a certain amount of fat in it, but it had such a melt in your mouth quality, that you almost forgot to chew. The wonderful combination of sweet and charred flavors, balanced with the delicate texture of the pork meat was perfect in every way.

Steamed Chicken

We had an order of steamed chicken as well, but this was largely forgettable. For some reason, all the chicken we had in Malaysia tend to be tough and stringy, and this was no exception.

But it was the char siew that we came here for, and it certainly lived up to all our expectations. And then some.

Shunfu's char siew may be the best you can find in Singapore, but Ming Kee is the ultimate char siew king. If you ever find yourself in KL, do make this trip to Ming Kee to savor what we feel is the ultimate in char siew cuisine.

Ming Kee Char Siew
Alor Kopitiam
Jalan Alor 
Kuala Lumpur

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  1. Only one man is raving about Shunfu por lei or glass char siew only comes from one man call BC...nothing to talk about because there are several stalls in S'pore selling it but do not wish to have publicity !