Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Amazing Quiches at Ply Baked Goods - And a Marvelous Rainbow Cake Too!

I have already blogged about Ply Baked Goods just recently, but I missed their quiches and the white rainbow cake the first time round.

I hardly blogged about the same place twice, especially in such a short time span. But I just revisited the cosy cafe again to savor the quiches, and I was flabbergasted in the most positive manner.

The quiches are all made from scratch and what's more, they are baked on the spot. The downside is that you have to wait at least 30 minutes if you order it here.

Thankfully, you can also order ahead via phone or messaging, and that will hopefully cut down the waiting time. Despite this, I can safely say that the final product is definitely worth the wait.

Quiche Lorraine

I remember watching Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief movie, and there was this one scene where Cary Grant was introducing this dish to John Williams, and explaining in detail how wonderful it was. And when Williams had his first bite, his eyes lit up with gastronomic joy and ever since then, I had wished I had a quiche as good as that.

Sadly, years have passed and every quiche that I have tasted has badly missed the mark. Most are just pretty bland, with dull crusts and even lesser flavors. Until today.

Just take a look at the picture and tell me that this is not a beautiful food photograph, I dare you. The beautiful golden crusts were absolutely perfect, and flaked at the slightest of interference, and yet on its own, it held its shape perfectly.

The pastry was amazingly crisp and baked to perfection. The cheese and cream custard filling was full of flavors and packed with flavors from the bacon and leeks. Everything tasted liked how it should be, and I finally realized what Cary Grant was raving about.

4 Cheese Margharita Quiche

The 4 cheese quiche was equally brilliant, and the combination of four different cheeses will be nirvana for cheese lovers. Boasting of the same crust and pastry, every bite was an utter joy and delight.

I simply cannot gush enough about how good the quiches are, and compared to other quiches which have sit too long on the shelves, every quiche here is baked fresh and the difference shows. It is almost like how a French mama would do it in the countryside if you were to drop by for a meal. That homely feel is undeniable in every bite.

White Rainbow Cake

The first time I was at Ply, I could only sample the chocolate rainbow cake. Luckily, this time I managed to get my hands (and mouth) on this magnificent white version. It looked huge and tempting at the same time.

And yes, it has 7 layers of cake and yes, this is a "real" rainbow cake. The secret weapon? Chocolate balls embedded in the layers of sponge to elicit both a bitter chocolatey flavor and some very welcomed crunch.

The sponge was very light and not overly sweet, and despite its size, I found it very addictive and finished it off in minutes. Definitely one of the best rainbow cakes that I have had so far.

I like how everything is made and baked fresh at Ply. The owners are serious about their products and despite the fact that the main baker is pretty much self-taught and has not worked in a professional kitchen prior to starting Ply, their baked products are really a class among themselves.

As for my fascination with Quiche Lorraine, I am glad that I finally have my doubts and curiosity answered here. It is simply, the best thing that I have tasted in 2014 so far. When it is this fresh and this well made, it is just unbeatable!

Ply Baked Goods
95 Soo Chow Walk

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