Friday, October 10, 2014

Eng Kee Chicken Wings - Affordable, Comfortable and Tasty Wings

There is something about deep fried chicken wings that appeals to everyone of us. Crispy on the outside, succulent on the inside, and full of marinated goodness.

Outside of Two Wings, Eng Kee is probably one of the best wings on the island and for just 1.20 per wing, it is also one of the most affordable ones as well.

At Commonwealth Drive where their stall is situated, Eng Kee churns out about a thousand wings per day, which is quite a lot.

Outside of the wings, they also serve economic bee noon and otak which is sourced from a supplier. Whilst these items are not really the main focus, they do serve as additional sides and added some needed starch to the wings, which is obviously the star of this establishment.

Chicken Wings

The first thing you will notice about the wings is that they are more red than usual, and I suspect the marinate uses nam yu which will helps to season the chicken wings and also gives it that punch of flavour. Not to mention, it was also a bit more salty too.

The skin is savoury good, and crispy. Though the batter was not as crisp as say, Two Wings, it has more flavour and the meat was beautifully moist and succulent inside. And unlike Two Wings, Eng Kee fries all its wings in a wok, which takes some skill and doing to get it right.

Economic Bee Hoon

The bee hoon with some sides was nothing to shout about, and it was serviceable. As a breakfast dish, it was just about decent and would provide a cheap and nice way to fill the tummy.


Likewise, the otak which is outsourced was quite standard. The wide looking, spiced infused fish paste was what you would expect from most places.

Ultimately, you will come here for the wings and they are really good. Whilst not my favourite wings of all time, they are certainly worth coming back for. And when you pair it with some iced cold beer to wash away some of the salt and grease, the wings will be just perfect.

And yes, the wings also passed the grease test. What test?

Akin to Two Wings, you do not need soap to wash away the grease after eating the wings. Just plain water and the grease will disappear almost magically. That is a sign that the wings are well drained after frying and it certainly looked the part too.

Affordable chicken wings that is both comfortable and delicious.

Eng Kee Chicken Wings
117 Commonwealth Drive

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