Monday, June 15, 2015

Silver Food News - Chabuton, Saboten and Eggs & Berries

Chabuton has a new outlet that has just opened its doors at Millenia Walk. And as with every new Chabuton opening, there is always a new ramen dish to commemorate the new place.

The new outlet has pretty much the same decor as its previous outlets, and that means it is bright and spacious.

Everything else is what you would expect from a typical Chabuton outlet and the menu has pretty much the usual fare that you have come to expect from this popular Ramen franchise.

Apart from ramen and the gyoza sides, the new dish is the spicy ramen that has 5 different levels to test your palate to the max.

Yoruton Ramen

Dubbed the Yoruton Ramen, it has a strong dose of garlic injected into the broth. As an ode to Singaporeans love for all things spicy, the soup has been pumped up with a special chilli paste to induce sweat beads on your forehead as you gobbled the bowl of noodles down.

Cha Siu Don

I want to mention about this rather tasty bowl of Cha Siu Don as well. Available at all the outlets, I liked the simplicity of the dish. Beautiful grains of rice topped off with a perfectly cooked piece of pork and all its fatty richness. Japanese comfort best at its simple best.

Tonkatsu Haven

Saboten has opened another outlet too, next to the aforementioned Chabuton. It has one of the best tonkatsu around town. To celebrate the new opening, they too, have a special dish just for the occasion.

Their Hiroshima Oyster Katsu is marvelous. Saboten has already some of the best pork tenderloin katsu to boot, and with the addition of the oyster, it will only boost their reputation further. Crispy, not too oily batter, and beautiful insides. And that generous heaps of thinly sliced cabbage to go with their special dips.

Asparagus Cream Roll

Another of my favourite dish is this luscious and rich Asparagus Cream Roll. Reminiscent of the best Japanese fried croquettes, the cream is not too heavy and just saucy enough to coat the sweetness of the asparagus and coupled with their undoubtable batter, a total party of crunchy textures and Japanese fried flavours.

Eggs Benedict

Egges and Berries prides itself on healthy cooking and hence, they do not utilise MSG or any artificial enhancers in their food. Their eggs benedict is simply gorgeous to look at. Nothing to fault here, just every element of this very popular dish done well and executed with a certain style.

Yuzu Crab Salad

This Yuzu Crab Salad may look a bit messy, but it was actually my favourite dish there. I liked how the citrus liveliness of the yuzu dressing gave a nice and refreshing to all the garden elements here, and the sweetness of the minced crab managed to just balance out the whole plate.

Prices are pretty friendly here and despite the fact there are some misses here too, if you like something healthy and refreshing, the above two dishes might just do the trick.

Chabuton Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard

Saboten Millenia Walk
9 Raffles Boulevard

Eggs & Berries
5 Changi Business Park Central 1

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