Monday, September 7, 2015

Mooncakes For Consideration

Mooncake season is in full swing again this year, and here is a list of some of the mooncakes that you can consider for this year's Mid Autumn Festival,

Thai Village's Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncakes wowed me last year and it has again done it. Though largely it is the same mooncakes, undoubtedly this trumps almost any other mooncake that I have come across this year.

Using only fresh durian meat and no added preservatives or cream, this is essentially eating durian pengat in snowskin coating.

Bursting with robust Mao Shan Wang goodness, there is little to fault and for my money, it simply beats all other durian snowskin out there, yes, even the much more touted G brand. The packaging is classic yet elegant, and its golden hue points to a more traditional tone but it works.

It is currently available at all Thai Village outlets and they also do the usual baked mooncake classics too. Though I suspect most people will just salivate at this golden mooncakes and just wipe these off the shelves in no time!

Crystal Jade Mooncakes

Crystal Jade's offerings are a mix of old and new. The classic mooncakes are very exquisite in its composition and presentation, and despite it having the classic pastry and lotus paste/salted egg yolk mix, it will make a beautiful gift for both corporate and personal purposes.

The snowkin mooncakes have a range of new and refreshing flavour combinations. From yuzu to strawberry to salted caramel, the pick of the lot has to be the somewhat odd pairing of sea salt with dark chocolate.

After a taste, the oddity disappears and what you are left with is a very memorable combination of sweet and savory and bitter all nicely balanced on your tongue. A remarkable feat of pastry concoction.

A special shout out to the beautifully crafted boxes that resemble jewel boxes with popping colours. As far as packaging is concerned, Crystal Jade comes up tops.

Sheraton Towers Li Bai Mooncakes

Li Bai is as classic as it comes when it comes to Chinese fine dining cuisine. Their classic mooncakes are also finely made and has the similar classic flavours. Even the box has very familiar trimmings that do not stray from the norm.

For those seeking a less adventurous option, the Li Bai classic baked mooncakes will prove to be a tempting one, and will make a suitable gift for the older generation.

Swensen's Ice Cream Mooncakes

Swensen's unique ice cream take on mooncakes is back again and this is one for the kids and the younger generation. Milo flavoured mooncakes filled with ice cream may not please your grandma, but the little ones will go through this faster than you can say "Swensen's!"

The lychee one is particularly refreshing and the packaging is equally revitalising with its lantern shaped box that can double up as a real lantern during the festival. Ice cream will melt fast though, so be sure to eat this quickly.

So, there you have it. Some of the mooncakes that I have savoured thus far and hopefully there is one among these that you can find for the actual festival period. Don't forget to pair the mooncakes with some good quality Chinese tea. Preferably, Pek Sin Choon. Wink.

Thai Village Mooncakes

Crystal Jade Mooncakes

Li Bai Mooncakes

Swensen's Mooncakes

Available at their respective outlets.

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