Thursday, May 5, 2016

1933 By Toast Box - Something Closer to Home

Written and photographed by Soh Gail

Nestled in the heart of the spanking new Capitol Piazza, one can take a walk down heritage lane with 1933 by Toast Box.

The menu has been recently revamped and refreshed, and patrons can look forward to nostalgic Nanyang-inspired dishes that reflect the identity of 1930s Singapore. Local food never tasted more like home.

Coupled with a sense of ease and comfort, the more refined setting is also an ideal for foreign travellers to experience local street food in a more pleasant environment, away from the heat and bustle of traditional hawker centres.

Among the mix of food is also some modernistic revisions of familiar hawker classics, and embellished with better (make that prettier) plating, it may be the first stop for tourists and expatriates alike.

Berry Bliss

This was refreshingly addictive, with the perfect blend of berries, mint and lemonade. The coral colour will certainly lift your mood after a long, work filled day, and when the fizz of the lemonade hits your tongue, you know you've beaten the sweltering heatwave that never seems to cease.

Forest Mushroom

The broth wasn't spectacular - it tasted like a cross between mushroom soup and clam chowder. However, the gently toasted French bread bowl was simply heavenly. Soft yet crispy when you tear them apart, and very aromatic.

Hainanese Satay

You can choose from three types of meat: chicken, pork or mutton. I'm not a mutton lover as I dislike the gamey odour of the meat, but the mutton satay was so well charcoal-grilled that it was tender and smoky. Ditto for the chicken and pork. Thumbs up for this dish! Served with traditional peanut sauce and slices of pineapple, cucumber and onions.

Greenhouse Salad

The in-house special Asian Thai dressing was so good. Tangy, sweet and spicy, it complemented the mix of seasonal greens, cherry tomatoes, crunchy Japanese cucumber slices and freshly sliced pineapple chunks really well. I was gulping the sauce down in bottles, that's how darn good it is! 

Hainanese Chicken Rice

This was obviously the highlight of the night. Moist and tender chicken morsels drizzled in sauce on a bed of cabbage, served with fragrant rice that had been cooked in a rich chicken broth. The side of greens was very special - instead of the usual kailan, we were served kangkong instead. The chilli is home-made with lime and  fresh ginger. Most patrons in the dainty cafe ordered this, so it must be something special.

Gula Melaka Cake

Soft pandan chiffon cake baked with bits of palm sugar for that extra Nyonya flavour. Served with gula melaka syrup, it is no wonder this is their signature dessert as it hits all the right sweet notes! 

Overall, a very satisfying meal. Kudos to Toast Box and BreadTalk group for yet another successful venture. Location wise, it is also very convenient as there is now a sheltered underpass from City Hall station to Capitol Piazza.

1933 by Toast Box

15 Stamford Road, Capitol Piazza

Soh Gail, when not hunting for the latest food around town, is otherwise looking for the next big K thing.

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