Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Maggie Joan's New Lunch Menu - Rustic Goodness

Despite the injection and relocation of more eating establishments within the Telok Ayer vicinity, Moosehead and it's sibling, Maggie Joan's have pretty much held the banner for the best eateries here.

In fact, some of the relocated ones have actually gone backwards in terms of their food, and is possibly a mistake to compete with the mad scientist brilliance of the double Ms.

Whilst Moosehead is all about mixing new and creative ideas, Maggie's is more rustic and comfort cuisine.

Yet, for all its back to roots approach, there is still plenty of refreshing takes of familiar classics. And with its more luxurious spacing and wider environment, Maggie's is still a place for me when I just want to unwind with some close friends for that chilling vibe.

Arancini and Chutney

I would have never thought of mixing a bit of Indian with Italian, but leave it to Messers Glen and Oliver to come up with something so clever. But first, the risotto fried balls have to be good in order for this to work.

And quite frankly, I have never had a decent arancini here. Lo and behold, the risotto balls were perfect. Nice crust, moist grains and that touch of tartness from the chutney makes the ideal pairing. I think Chef Glen has possibly the sharpest palate around.

Salmon Tartare

This nordic classic is turned on its head with the immaculate plating here. Full of freshness and colourful vibrancy, you are literally eating this dish in your head even before you take that first bite.

Classic dill combination makes this dish sing and soar and the pickled cucumbers add that acidic crunch and finally, a touch of yogurt to temper all the protein fats. Lovely as always.

Fried Chicken Sandwich

On the other hand, the Chicken Sandwich did not look that striking when it landed on our table. How wrong I was when I put that gigantic first bite into my mouth. Succulent and flavorful chicken burst with a giddy joy whilst the spicy harissa slow brings you back to earth.

Finished off with my favourite pecorino cheese for that added oomph of umami, this is a burger for the ages. So good that it has displaced Bochinche's as the best burger in town. Yes, you heard it right here. Best burger in town by a mile.

Accompanied by some equally brilliant hand cut fries.

Chocolate Tart

Desserts change every lunch time, and we had a simple but exquisitely crafted chocolate tart. Perfect short crust that flakes as easily as it is eaten. A beautiful and shiny ganache is all that is required to fill that pastry base. Couldn't really ask for anything for more.

The new lunch menu hits the right spots for the most part. The service is as always, exemplary as well and Chef Oliver takes care and precision despite the rustic nature of the dishes.

While it's more colourful neighbours might be belting out 80s dance tunes along with its nausea inducing neon lights, Maggie Joan's sticks to the basics and nails it.

Maggie Joan's
110 Amoy Street

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